H&M ION Orchard closing on Mar. 12, 2023

Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://t.me/mothershipsg H&M is closing its ION Orchard store on Mar. 12 2023 after more than 10 years in that location. Meet in other places Announcing the closure on its social media accounts, H&M reassured its customers that it would meet them “in other places”. The company also hinted at its future plans by captioning the post “New beginning[s] awaits!”. It also directs

‘Taking a Rolex on a trip like that is asking for it,’ netizens tell actor whose cash & watch worth $20K were stolen in Phuket

SINGAPORE: After a man posted on TikTok that his watch and cash were stolen when his family took a trip to Phuket, Thailand, commenters told him he should not bring luxury items when he goes on vacation. The TikTok of Mr Richard Ter, who identifies himself as a musician, percussionist, and actor on his Instagram bio, was posted on Wednesday (Feb 1), and has been viewed almost 150,000 times. “Went

Growth in retail assets seen for Singapore as sales performance improve

Sales growth is expected for 70% of retailers due to China reopening. Retailers are becoming optimistic about the return of tourist spending since China announced that it will finally end its two-year zero COVID-19 strategy, CBRE said. Due to this, retail assets will return to growth, with 70% of retailers will see improved sales performance. In a statement, CBRE said there will be a rising focus on sustainability, which is

Retail sales growth expands to 7.4% YoY in December

In November, retail sales grew 6.5% YoY. Retail sales grew 7.4% YoY in December, expanding from the 6.5% increase in November. This translates to a sales value of $4.7b. Of the total sales value, 12.9% was from online sales. Excluding motor vehicles which saw a 10.3% YoY drop in December, total retail sales would have been up by 9.5% YoY, data from the Department of Statistics Singapore (Singstat) showed. Singstat

Unemployment rate to marginally increase to 2.4% in H123

RHB said the uneven recovery of the economy will likely impact labour demand. Analysts expect Singapore’s economic recovery to be uneven in the first half of the year, which, in turn, will impact labour demand, particularly in the external-facing industries. “We think that labour demand in electronics, chemicals, precision engineering and wholesale trade to remain lacklustre into 1H23, given the potential trade headwinds in these sectors over the same period,”

Aries: Your career horoscope - February 06

Be aware of the fact that you might be feeling overshadowed, or that your efforts aren’t being completely recognized. You may feel like you do all this work for others and yet get nothing in return. The key is to make sure that you do the things you do because you want to do them. Do them for yourself. Don’t do something for others just because you expect that they

Cancer: Weekly Horoscope

Life: Brace yourself as Mars and Saturn make things tough as the week progresses. It’ll feel as if you’re being held back from completing even the simplest tasks, and each step along the way refuses to progress like normal. Stay patient and keep your temper intact! Love: You’ll feel drained come the weekend, and so call on the company of your friends to recover and rediscover your feet. If you’re

Italian Brand Eleveit Presents The Antibes WP Leather Sneakers

A pair of CE-certified riding shoes comfortable enough to be worn all day. Eleveit is a fairly young Italian brand that specializes in motorcycle-specific boots and shoes. Despite it being a relatively newer brand in the motorcycle gear industry, the brand has a wide selection of products, and is now distributed in more than 30 countries across the globe. For its 2023 collection, the Italian marque has urban riders in

Why the iPad Pro is the gateway to maximum productivity

Confession: I suffer from the plague of many creatives. I have plenty of great ideas but struggle to remember them or flesh them out. While a notebook helps, it barely skims the surface of the worlds I build inside my mind. A notebook also doesn’t keep me to task, or force me into productivity levels that ensure success. But before we go into what an Apple iPad Pro can do

Chinese cabbage health risks. Get advice from experts.

Side effects by Caroline Luiza C. Castro Master’s in Nutrition Sciences · 16 years of experience · Brazil Chinese cabbage can be risky for people who has inflammatory bowel disease, since the high content of fiber, which can cause diarrhea or increase the amount of gas production → Chinese cabbage: How much should you eat? Experts weigh in. → Love Chinese cabbage? Get nutritional facts, tips from health experts, and