Corgi-sized meteor as heavy as 4 baby elephants hit Texas - NASA

A meteor around the size of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and weighing around the total weight of four baby elephants struck the Earth near McAllen, Texas last Wednesday, NASA confirmed this week. The meteor impact, reported by local Dallas-area Fox affiliate KDFW, took place at around 6 p.m. last Wednesday local time, with some eyewitnesses spotting a possible meteor impact in the sky at the time.  This was later confirmed

At least 23 dead as dozens of wildfires torch forests in Chile

Dozens of wildfires blazing through Chile caused the government to extend an emergency order to another region on Saturday, as a scorching summer heat wave complicates efforts to control fires that have claimed at least 23 lives so far. More than 1,100 people have sought refuge in shelters while at least 979 people have been reported injured by the raging fires, according to an official briefing later on Saturday. The