PSLE Information For Parents: What Happens If You Fail PSLE?

Mums and dads always stay on the lookout for new PSLE information for parents. This especially applies to the period when PSLE commences annually. Many students and parents speak of the PSLE as a very stressful event. Students get burnt out with extra classes in school and tuition classes outside of school. The stress goes extra when you think of the question, “what happens if you fail PSLE?”.  Some parents

Flat Head Syndrome: What Parents Need to Know About Preventing It

After babies pass through the birth canal, it’s natural for their heads to appear pointy or long during the first days of life. It will take time for parts of their skull to move, fuse together, and settle into a shape while maintaining its softness to accommodate your baby’s growing brain. But if a baby’s head appears to be misshapen for weeks after birth, then this may be a sign

Education Awards Legacy: Yishun’s Mother & Son Honored by K Shanmugam 27 Years Apart

Nee Soon GRC Member of Parliament (MP) K Shanmugam recently shared an extraordinary tale on Facebook, showcasing the incredible journey of a mother and son from Yishun who received education awards from him 27 years apart. A Serendipitous Encounter: Son Receives Education Award Source: K Shanmugam on Facebook It all began when Shanmugam attended an Education Merit Award Ceremony at Chong Pang on April 29, 2023. During the event, he

3 Reasons Why Women Cheat and How to Avoid It

Infidelity has long been thought to be a gendered phenomenon, with men being more likely than women to cheat. Recent studies, however, show that the gender gap in infidelity is closing. Approximately 20% of men and 20% of women admit to cheating in their current relationship. Here are three reasons why women cheat and what can be done to avoid it. 3 Reasons Why Women Cheat Emotional Undernourishment According to

A.I. Tools For Kids: Let’s Make Learning Fun With New Tech Tools

Despite the threat of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to the Internet’s credibility, there are several A.I. tools that parents can take advantage of for their kids’ education and skills development.  A.I. tools are not really a bad thing as they are designed to ease some manual tasks; however, using these tools becomes negative when used for the wrong purpose.  You can definitely consider the following A.I. tools for kids! Scratch A.I.

What Is the Correct Way To Make Baby Formula Milk?

The health of a baby is of the utmost importance to all parents, so it is no surprise that many parents ask themselves what the correct way to make baby formula milk is. Baby formula milk is an important source of nutrition and hydration in a baby’s diet, and it is essential that it is prepared and mixed in a safe and hygienic way. The correct preparation is dependent on

Mum’s Wishlist: What I Really Want From My Husband on Valentine’s Day

While flowers, a thoughtful gift, or a home-cooked meal will be very much appreciated, mums are actually after something else from their husbands on Valentine’s Day. What Does Mum Want for Valentine’s Day? February 14th is a very important holiday among lovers. It’s that day of the year when you can be cheesy and declare your undying love for someone.  Which is probably why Valentine’s Day does not appeal as