Nintendo Reportedly Secretly Previewed Switch 2 At Gamescom 2023

Many rumours have been circulating lately about Nintendo’s next-generation console and its expected release in 2024. It seems that these speculations may be true, as Nintendo allegedly revealed the Switch 2 privately at Gamescom 2023 last month. The new console is, reportedly, portable, and unlike the recent OLED edition of the Switch, has an LCD screen (probably to keep costs low). In true Nintendo fashion, a cartridge slot is used

Geek Review: Starfield

Everything about Starfield is big. As Bethesda’s first original IP in 25 years, the sci-fi action role-playing game (RPG) has large shoes to fill. Then, there’s the matter of file size – it clocks in at around 125GB (or more, depending on the scale of the day one patch) on PC, which while isn’t as big as some AAA titles, can be a tight squeeze for those running low on

Gamescom 2023: Indulge Your Adult Playground Fantasy With ‘Like A Dragon Gaiden’

The Yakuza/Like a Dragon games have never shied away from more mature themes, and at the same time, the series also packs plenty of humourous diversions and stylings to keep players entertained throughout the adventure. That signature pillar of gameplay is certainly part of the upcoming Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, as our preview at Gamescom 2023 proved. Even as fans continue to be excited

‘Destroy All Humans!’ Studio Developing ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin’ Video Game

If the initial announcement of the video game adaptation of the beloved 2020 comic series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin, got you excited, here’s more news to keep the hype going. THQ Nordic has officially revealed that The Last Ronin game will be headed up by Black Forest Games. For those unfamiliar with the studio, they are best known for the recent remakes of both Destroy All Humans! and

Nintendo Targets 2024 For Switch Console Successor

While the Nintendo Switch has been an extremely successful console for the Japanese gaming giant, having eyes on the future is just part of the business of video games. On that front, it is no wonder that players are keen to find out just what comes next, and according to VGC, the next-generation console from Nintendo will arrive sometime in the second half of 2024. Sources point to development kits

Microsoft And Sony Finally Reach Deal For The Future Of Call Of Duty On PlayStation

Microsoft and Sony have finally reached a deal for keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation once the Activision Blizzard merger goes through. The surprise agreement comes after months of fighting between the two companies and is a sign the acquisition is all but inevitable. “We are pleased to announce that Microsoft and PlayStation have signed a binding agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation following the acquisition of Activision

This $15 cyberpunk game bundle has genre greats and 4 of the coolest first-person games ever

Humble Bundle’s offering a value-packed cyberpunk game bundle for a few more weeks, and it’s worth it for the slick first-person games alone. You’ve got to pay at least $15 to get all the games, but as always, you can choose to donate more. For this bundle, those charities are buildOn, which works to established schools in impoverished or developing areas and countries, and Covenant House, which tackles youth homelessness

Save $80 on the OLED Switch this weekend

As we wave goodbye to Prime Day 2023, we’re also saying adieu to Video Game Fashion Week, Polygon’s annual tradition of celebrating all of the fabulous and weird ways gaming and glamour collide. Thankfully, good deals are always in fashion here at Polygon, and while you may not be able to save on Sailor Moon Jimmy Choos, or Team Rocket streetwear, we might just have a Space Marine bomber jacket

Geek Interview: The Secrets Behind Fallout 76’s ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ Update

The longevity of any game in this day and age is often an indicator of its quality, and only the biggest franchises tend to survive in this fast-paced industry. However, every once in a while, there is that one game that bucks the trend, and despite initial criticisms and apprehension, Bethesda‘s online-only Fallout 76 action roleplaying title has continued to thrive, with the latest update, Once in a Blue Moon,

‘Final Fantasy XVI’ Producer Naoki Yoshida Graces Eikonic Malaysia With Energetic Fan Meet Finale

There’s an end to every story, and for Final Fantasy XVI, it turned out to be a fruitful endeavour that was well worth the risks. Carrying over to the real world, this brand of excitement took on a different form in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, located in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, transforming into a pop-up space on 22 June that have attracted both fans and curious shoppers alike. Yet, nothing