Tesla And McDonald's Partner To Launch A Limited Edition Spoon

The most notable EV manufacturer and the king of fast food embark on a new joint venture to deliver the ultimate eating utensil. Tesla has a knack for offering odd accessories. In 2018, Tesla launched a $1,500 surfboard with a limited production run of 200 units. The Texas-based automaker also released a $100 Giga Texas belt buckle and a $70 branding iron. These aren’t items you’d likely see on a

Find Out if Avocado is a Protein-Rich Food - Get the Answer from Health Experts and the New Bing

Expert opinion by Roberta Rocha Hoelz Dietitian · 1 years of experience · Brazil Yes, avocado has 1.2g of protein for every 100g of fruit, it is rich in fibers that help in the proper functioning of the intestine, and it has mono and polyunsaturated fats that act in the control of cholesterol rates and benefiting the cardiovascular system. → See more questions and expert answers related to Avocado →

Doctor's warning: Breakfast habits caused weight gain

Renowned doctor and epidemiologist Prof. Tim Spector revealed to the British Daily Record that his breakfast choices over the course of a decade resulted in an unintentional weight gain of 10 kilograms. During an interview with celebrity diet expert Michael Mosley on his BBC podcast, Spector shared his realization of a significant rise in blood sugar levels immediately after consuming what he believed to be a nutritious breakfast. What exactly

Bananas rotting too fast? Keep them fresh with this simple trick

Everyone knows that eating fruit every day is essential for a healthy diet, and one of the tastiest and easiest fruits to enjoy is the banana. However, bananas often seem to rot quickly, turning from green to brown when we’re not paying attention. But fear not, there’s an easy solution to this problem that supermarkets don’t want you to know about. Keep your bananas fresh for longer Here’s what you

Unlocking the hidden purpose of the pizza's white plastic table

A recent TikTok video has shed light on the true purpose of the white plastic table that comes with a family-sized pizza. What was once deemed an unnecessary addition has now been revealed to serve a practical function. John Petersen, known on TikTok as @gunnerandlux, shared a clip demonstrating how these small tables should be utilized. Instead of leaving it in the center, Petersen suggests inserting the table into one

Switching to Plant-Based Diet Helps Your Heart, Major Study Finds

FRIDAY, May 26, 2023 (HealthDay News) — Vegetarian and vegan diets lead to lower blood levels of cholesterol and fats, according to a major new analysis of all evidence from clinical trials published since 1982. Compared to people eating an omnivorous diet, those following a plant-based diet experienced an average reduction in total cholesterol levels of 7% from levels measured at the start of the studies, a 10% reduction in

Tesla Starts Deliveries Of Its GigaBier Limited Edition Pilsner

Customers who ordered early are receiving their $100 three-packs. Tesla’s GigaBier limited edition pilsner was announced a week ago and now customers have started receiving their boxes with Cybertruck-inspired lager bottles. Among the first people to get the rather expensive three-packs are Twitter users Steven Bink and SustainableAap, who posted pictures of their purchases online, although it seems that none of them have actually tasted the alcoholic beverage. At around

Millions of Jews around the world prepare for Passover

On Wednesday evening, millions of Jews around the world are expected to sit around festive tables, filled with traditional foods, symbols and of course matzah in honor of the Passover Seder. This year’s planned Seders vary from a Kosher for Passover meal for prisoners in Ukraine, a Shrek-themed Seder in New Zealand, escape rooms that will make young Jews feel as if they exited Egypt themselves and Seders for Jewish

Pascale’s Kitchen: Trying something new, just for the fun of it

Sometimes you don’t need an excuse to prepare a nice meal for your family or friends. Even if it’s not a holiday or a special time of year, there’s no reason to make the same food all the time. Whenever you feel like it, you can prepare a fun meal with tasty dishes for your family.  Here are recipes for three dishes that can really spice up your week: Indian

Pascale’s Kitchen: Taste of childhood: Cream cake rolls

When I was a child, I was drawn like a magnet to our tiny kitchen, where I would often find my mother busily making delicious dinners and mouthwatering desserts.  She would usually try to shoo me away, but I was stubborn, and in the end she would permit me to stay. By the age of six, I’d prepared my first cake. It came out so lovely and tall. When I