Employers urged to emulate Lee Kuan Yew’s care for employees

SINGAPORE: Commemorating the late Lee Kuan Yew’s 100th birthday last week, the daughter of the late MP Ho See Beng has penned a heartfelt forum letter urging employers to follow the example set by Mr Lee in caring for their employees’ health and well-being. In the letter published by the national broadsheet, MP Ho’s daughter – Ho Meow Choo – reminisced about an incident from the past that showcased Mr

Netflix Korean Revenge Film ‘Ballerina’ Drops Trailer With ‘John Wick’ Vibes

Netflix has released the official trailer for Ballerina, a South Korean thriller film, and it’s giving off waves of John Wick that will help satiate your thirst for high-octane action. In action-packed thriller, we witness former bodyguard Ok-ju, portrayed by Jeon Jong-seo (Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area), embarking on a relentless quest for vengeance. Her target? Choi Pro, played by Jeon’s Money Heist: Korea co-star Kim Ji-hoon, the

SG working hours: “Do we really have more to do?”

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s working hours differ from the global 9-5 norm, extending from 9 to 6. This has sparked a discussion as Redditor Ireallylikecorn asked: “Do we really have much more to do compared to the Western workers, in the sense that they work 9-5 and we work 9-6?” Ireallylikecorn pointed out: “There’re different views online, some would say working in Western countries are much more laidback, relax, there’re also some who said

Keanu Reeves Begged To Be “Definitively Killed Off” In ‘John Wick 4’

If there’s one thing Keanu Reeves is, it is tired. After four John Wick movies, the 59-year-old actor is fatigued by all the stuntwork and has begged the team behind the franchise to kill him off. In an interview with Collider, producer Basil Iwanyk shared that making the John Wick movies had destroyed Reeves and that they had to give the actor the death he wanted in John Wick 4.

Customer pays S$2.50 for extra prawns for her laksa, but she only gets ‘half a prawn’ — Hawker offers compensation

SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media after ordering and paying an additional S$2.50 for extra prawns for her laksa. To her dismay, she only received “half a prawn” for what she paid at Janggut Laksa at Upper Paya Lebar Road, wrote Ms Vikko Xinhang Xu on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page last Friday (Sept 15). “Today I went to Janggut Laksa for laksa. I paid additional $2.5 for extra

Man who’s been job searching for 10 months says “My mental health is the poorest it’s ever been and I struggle to go on”

SINGAPORE: Not finding a job can strike a blow to someone’s confidence, and a Reddit user went online to crowdsource advice for coping with joblessness. “I wasn’t able to secure a job before graduation and now I’m paying the price, as my search approaches its 10th month my mental health is the poorest it’s ever been and I struggle to go on,” wrote u/Ill-Cry-825 on Sept 16 (Saturday) on r/askSingapore.

“People who messed up real bad at work, how do you handle the setback?” — Netizen

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user who made a mistake at work asked fellow Singaporeans for advice on handling setbacks. u/bono5361 shared in r/askSingapore: “I scheduled a meeting with a guy that my manager explicitly asked me just a day back not to meet because our company’s management has an issue with their company. (I) forgot about it the next day and proceeded to do exactly what he told me not to

Changing Jobs in 2023: Singaporean asks ‘how much increment will make you decide to jump ship?’

SINGAPORE: Are you looking into changing jobs in 2023? A Reddit thread about deciding to ‘jump ship’ started a conversation familiar to S’pore’s competitive job market. The question “How much increment % will make you decide to jump ship?” led to a flurry of responses, shedding light on the delicate balance between staying loyal and pursuing better opportunities in Singapore’s job landscape. lalaby21 said, “Personally, wfh is really the main

What to take note of before applying for BTO

SINGAPORE: Looking for a home is not an easy decision nor a quick investment. One Reddit user with the same dilemma asked: “Anything to take note of before applying for BTO?” With more questions in mind, he added: “We do want to upgrade to private condo in the future or even hold 1 private and 1 hdb if that’s even possible. Not sure if there’s any planning to take into

Russell Brand ‘raped woman against wall at his LA mansion after bounding out of room naked’

Russell Brand allegedly raped a woman against a wall at his LA mansion after bounding out of a room naked. His alleged victim was a businesswoman known only as ‘Nadia’, who is one of four women accusing the 48-year-old comic of rape, sexual assault and emotional and physical abuse. Their stories emerged on Saturday (16.09.23) when they were printed in The Times and aired in a Channel 4 documentary special