Gov't to offer rebates for owner-occupied residential properties amidst looming tax hike

The property tax will increase on 1 January 2024. The government will offer up to 100% tax rebates for all owner-occupied residential properties in response to the looming property tax (PT) hike in 2024. The rebates are as follows: With the PT rebate, all one- and two-room HDB owner-occupiers will continue to pay no PT in 2024.  Rebates for owner-occupiers in other HDB flat types will be automatically offset against

Bus Service 167 and the Romance of Bus Rides in Singapore

Top Image: Helen Huang / RICE File Photo To be honest, we’ve never taken a ride on bus service 167 before. But when the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced it would U-turn on its decision to discontinue the bus service, we celebrated. Bus 167 is set to stay, just two weeks after the LTA announced that it would be cut in light of a fall in its ridership.  Shortly after

How will the new sale residential market perform in 2024?

There may be 38 launches next year. Real estate expert Huttons is “ cautiously optimistic “ that the new sale residential market will perform better in 2024 than in 2023. “With a rosier economic outlook projected in 2024, developers are estimated to sell between 7,000 and 8,000 units,” Huttons said. “Developers are growing in confidence as indicated by their willingness to pay more to secure good sites in the past

What's The Worst Oblivious Driver Incident You've Seen?

We’ve all got stories, and we want to hear yours. If you’re a street rider, you don’t need me to tell you that car drivers frequently don’t pay attention. In fact, that’s probably a best-case scenario; at worst, some drivers seem like they’re actively out for blood. Maybe even yours. For now, though, we’re not here to talk about vengeful drivers, or the fact that some riders are also not

Even Benjamin Kheng has had times when he 'couldn't human anymore', talks therapy helping his mental health

“I forgot the name of my album”, local singer Benjamin Kheng said sheepishly as he fumbled while recording the introduction of his interview with us. Brief as it was, the moment of vulnerability revealed a different side to the singer, who always looks so put together and perfect on his social media. That duality would continue into the interview as he tackled our questions with a more chill and laid-back

Russell Lee drops latest book in True Singapore Ghost Stories series on Nov. 31, 2023

Russell Lee, author of True Singapore Ghost Stories (TSGS), has brought back the stuff of your childhood nightmares with his latest book. The elusive writer penned the announcement on his social media accounts on Nov. 31, 2023, saying that the series’ 27th novel can be found in “all good bookstores”. He called it “the most important TSGS book [he has] done in almost 35 years”. Book 27 of TSGS costs

Chinese football legend Fan Zhiyi says Buriram United player deserves harsh punishment for ‘crazy’ behaviour

Brawl erupts during match between Zhejiang FC and Buriram United, with visiting captain Theerathon Bunmathan accused of starting it Video allegedly shows Buriram striker Ramil Sheydayev choking Zhejiang player Former Chinese captain Fan Zhiyi wants Ramil Sheydayev punished for his “murderous” behaviour during a mass brawl between Buriram United and Zhejiang FC after their AFC Champions League clash. The Buriram striker was caught trying to choke two opponents during the

Singapore real incomes fell in 2023 amid high inflation, resident employment rate declined: MOM

SINGAPORE — Though nominal income for Singapore workers rose in 2023 compared to 2022, real income for workers in the 20th percentile (P20) and those in the median group (P50) declined. According to the advance release of the annual labour force report by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) published on Thursday (30 November), workers in P20 saw an increase in nominal income of S$2,826 in 2023 – up from S$2,779

Three Schools Named 'Potential Landing Places' For Arch Manning

Earlier this month, a report emerged suggesting Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers is leaning towards coming back to Austin for another season. Immediately after that report dropped, fans started wondering if former five-star quarterback Arch Manning would consider transferring. That narrative has officially taken over – even if Manning hasn’t made an announcement one way or another. While Arch hasn’t said anything about his future, potential landing spots are being bandied about

‘I have no awards, don’t get mad’: China schoolgirl leaves ‘thoughtful’ note for mother at parent-teacher meeting, wins online support

Note shows ‘courage and thoughtfulness’, says teacher Smiley-face video viewed more than 4 million times People on social media in China have applauded and encouraged a secondary schoolgirl who left a note for her mother at a parent-teacher meeting asking her not to be angry because she had not won any awards. A video taken by a teacher shows the girl’s mother sitting at her daughter’s classroom desk during the