Korean National Soccer Player’s Sex Tapes Were Filmed Without Consent, According to His Ex

Korean National Soccer Player’s Sex Tapes Were Filmed Without Consent, According to His Ex

National Soccer Player Hwang Ui-jo

Sex Tapes Filmed Without Consent

From Complainant to Suspect

The police are investigating South Korean National Soccer Player Hwang Ui-jo amidst the arrest of a woman, identified as Ms. A, accused of revealing his private life.

Recently, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber Crime Investigation Team arrested Ms. A, who threatened and disseminated private videos of soccer player Hwang Ui-jo.

Ms. A claimed to be Hwang’s ex-girlfriend in June and exposed that he had gaslighted numerous women by acting as if he was in a relationship with them, sleeping with them, and then avoiding commitment due to his need to go abroad. She alleged that his mobile phone contained many videos and photos of these sexual encounters.

In response, Hwang, who plays for the Greek soccer club Olympiacos, claimed someone had threatened him after stealing his mobile phone on November 4 last year. He sued Ms. A for defamation under the Information and Communications Network Act and for the use of filming materials for threats and coercion under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act.

Police Examining Circumstances of Illegal Filming

At the time, Hwang released a statement on Instagram.

He stated, “I have not engaged in any illegal activities concerning my private life, as many of you are worried about. The criminal who threatened me using the opportunity of possessing my private videos through illegal means is a completely unknown person to me.”

Subsequently, it came to light that the police had investigated Hwang as a suspect in the illegal filming allegations on the 17th.

A Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency official revealed at a press conference on the 20th, “We have indeed investigated player Hwang as a suspect, changing his status from complainant to suspect last Saturday (18th).”

While investigating Hwang’s complaint, the police saw circumstances indicating that Hwang may have committed illegal filming and thus changed his status to a suspect. During the investigation, it is known that the police questioned whether the videos disseminated on Instagram and other platforms were filmed with consent.

By. Cho Yi Jae

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