HDB owner accuses workers working at void deck of drilling through his floor

HDB owner accuses workers working at void deck of drilling through his floor

SINGAPORE: A man has complained that during ongoing construction work at the void deck of his block, the floor of his bedroom and living room were drilled through one after another, causing three holes throughout his flat. 48-year-old chef,

Mr Chen (transliterated from Mandarin) told Shin Min Daily News that he lives on the second floor of Block 231, Toa Payoh Lorong 8. Renovation works at the void deck, just below his unit, began in October. Revealing that the work led to his own floor being cut through, Mr Chen said: “One day when I was cleaning the bedroom floor at home, I suddenly discovered a hole under the mattress, and there were some cement debris scattered around.”

Suspecting a mistake during the downstairs construction, he confirmed with his family that they did not cause the damage before approaching the workers.

Despite Mr Chen’s attempts to address the matter with the renovation workers, his concerns were blatantly ignored. Frustrated by the lack of response, he escalated the issue by reporting it to the Housing and Development Board (HDB). He said, “My floorboards were punctured, but they didn’t care. I had to go to the HDB to report the situation.”

A home inspection was scheduled for 6 Nov, but another two holes were drilled through the living room on that day.

Mr Chen said: “That morning, I was still sleeping in my room. I was suddenly awakened by my mother’s shouting in my sleep. It turned out that two more holes appeared on the floor of the living room.”

Mr Chen immediately ran downstairs and asked the workers to stop the construction, but no one paid attention. The workers continued unabated, leaving him infuriated.

HDB personnel subsequently visited Mr Chen and said they would provide assistance. On 14 Nov, HDB conducted another inspection and promised Mr Chen they would repair the damage. They said they would replace the broken flooring with new tiles but asked for some time to procure the same floor tiles.

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