October 2023

Navigating Risk on the High Seas: A Ferry Incident’s Lessons on Maritime Safety

On a calm afternoon, the Gold Express ferry, bustling with 446 passengers, embarked on its routine journey across the edge of the Caribbean. Operated by Express des Îles, the ferry was a beacon of regularity, a testament to the clockwork precision of maritime transport. But on October 31, the tranquility of the voyage was shattered. The ferry’s four roaring jet engines, the heart of the vessel’s propulsion system, choked and

Singaporean Serial Cheat Jocelyn Kwek Sentenced for S$880,000 Fraud

A web of deceit and manipulation spanning six years, ten victims, and a remarkable sum of over S$880,000 (US$646,000) has finally come to an end. The architect of this elaborate scheme, Singaporean woman Jocelyn Kwek Sok Koon, has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison. But the scars left by her actions, the shattered trust, the depleted life savings, and the psychological trauma inflicted on those who fell

Paramount Global Closes Down -1.09% on October 31st

On Tuesday October 31st, Paramount Global closed at $10.88, down -1.09% on the day. The stock underperformed the broader market, with the DOW up (+0.38%), the S&P 500 up (+0.65%), and the NASDAQ up (+0.48%). Paramount Global’s peers Gray Television Inc (-12.29%), Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc (-8.33%), and Liberty Media Corp (+7.93%) were all mixed on the day. Paramount Global traded 15.16M shares, or 144.48% of its 25-day average

Advanced Micro Devices Inc Outperforms Major Indices on October 31st

On Tuesday October 31st, Advanced Micro Devices Inc closed at $98.50, up by +2.41%. The stock outperformed the broader market, with the DOW up (+0.38%), the S&P 500 up (+0.65%), and the NASDAQ up (+0.48%). Advanced Micro Devices Inc’s peers Wolfspeed Inc (+22.08%), Lattice Semiconductor Corp (-17.36%), and Rambus Inc (+9.49%) were all mixed on the day. Advanced Micro Devices Inc traded 70.87M shares, or 135.85% of its 25-day average

Airbus SE Closes Down -3.25% on October 31st

On Tuesday October 31st, Airbus SE closed at $130.63, down -3.25% on the day. The stock underperformed the broader market, with the DOW up (+0.38%), the S&P 500 up (+0.65%), and the NASDAQ up (+0.48%). Airbus SE’s peers Ammo Inc (+10.65%), Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc (+4.53%), and RTX Corp (+3.54%) were all closed higher on the day. Airbus SE traded 641 shares, or 0.07% of its 25-day average volume, with

Singaporean Man Faces Trial for Alleged Sexual Abuse of Daughter

In the heart of Singapore, a courtroom carries the weight of an unsettling narrative. A man stands accused of disrupting the innocence of his 12-year-old daughter, violating the sacred bonds of trust and protection, a father is expected to uphold. The man, whose identity is withheld to safeguard his daughter, is facing 13 severe charges, including rape, aggravated sexual assault by penetration, and exposing a minor to explicit adult content.

Royal Enfield Subjects New Himalayan To One Final Test Before Launch Day

Testing the new Himalayan in the Himalayas is just good, solid math. Which do you think is more difficult if you’re a manufacturer: Designing a completely new motorcycle from the ground up, or rethinking one of the most beloved models that your company makes? This is all hypothetical, of course, since we’ve never designed a motorcycle.   Still, it seems like coming up with a worthy successor to a beloved

Mercedes chief technical officer Mike Elliott departs F1 team

Elliott, who originally joined the squad in 2012 as head of aerodynamics after spells with McLaren and Renault/Lotus, has played an instrumental part in the success that Mercedes has enjoyed in F1 during the turbo hybrid era. But with his current contract coming to an end later this year, and him having stepped away from the technical director role earlier this year in a job swap with James Allison, he

'I loved him deeper than I could comprehend' Matthew Perry's ex-fiancee Molly Hurwitz pays tribute

Matthew Perry’s former fiancée Molly Hurwitz has told how she loved the late star “deeper than I could comprehend”, but admitted he was “complicated” and “caused pain like I’d never known”. The 32-year-old literary manager was engaged to the late ‘Friends’ actor – who passed away on Saturday (28.10.23) aged 54 – in November 2020, but the pair went their separate ways in June 2021. Molly has now taken to

Holocaust survivors thank Biden for support for Israel

Holocaust survivors, along with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, penned a letter to US President Joe Biden thanking him for his continued support for Israel as it responds to the “Nazi-like” slaughter of Israeli Jews by Hamas terrorists. Shelley Rood Wernick, the Managing Director of the Center on Holocaust Survivor Care and Institute on Aging and Trauma at the Jewish Federations of North America organized the letter. According to a