August 2023

Snowflake Inc. Outperforms Major Indices on August 31st

On Thursday August 31st, Snowflake Inc. closed at $156.90, up by +1.00%. The stock outperformed the broader market, with the DOW down (-0.48%), the S&P 500 down (-0.16%), and the NASDAQ up (+0.11%). Snowflake Inc.’s peers Spotify Technology SA (+3.02%), Salesforce Inc (+2.99%), and HubSpot Inc (+2.96%) were all closed higher on the day. Snowflake Inc. traded 4.37M shares, or 79.53% of its 25-day average volume, with an intraday range

The Acer Predator X45 & 27U OLED 240Hz Gaming Monitors Deserve To Be On Your Upgrade List

Fast refresh rates win matches, while OLED displays win loyalty and when you combine both, that’s a keeper for the ages. The Acer Predator X27U and X45 OLED Gaming Monitors are perfect examples of a successful marriage between speed and immersion, each offering a distinctive set of features catering to different user needs.  Kicking off the gaming fun is the 27-inch Predator X27U, ideal for those with smaller battlestations. A

Simon Cowell reveals lifelong battle with depression: 'I thought I just had to deal with it!'

Simon Cowell thought he just had to “deal” with his depression alone. The 63-year-old music mogul admitted to suffering from mental health issues over the years but initially believed it was all just part of his character until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic came about and he ended up wishing he had sought help decades ago. Speaking on ‘The Mirror’s ‘Men in Mind’ podcast, he said: “COVID was the

Health Experts Reveal: The Right Amount of Marjoram to Eat for Optimal Health

Perspective from Livia Dickson Chen PhD in Nutrition · 11 years of experience · Brazil Benefits Marjoram helps with intestinal health. leaves of marjoram act as a soothing tonic that helps improve the performance of the digestive system. Marjoram is used to prevent digestive issues like stomach ulcers and certain foodborne illnesses. Marjoram has a carminative action, that is, it prevents the accumulation of gases. Marjoram is effective in regulate

Kinderland’s latest move to protect preschoolers draws even more criticism from parents

SINGAPORE: Preschool chain Kinderland has announced that it has decided to ban its teachers from using their personal mobile devices during work hours in a bid to safeguard the privacy of their wards better. It said on Instagram: “Kinderland reiterates using the Pre-School Management App with authorised company-issued devices. To also prevent the misuse of photos and videos of our children, Kinderland will now make it a policy that staff

Dota 2: Quest Esports qualify for TI 2023 by taking second qualifier spot for Western Europe

Qatar-based Dota 2 team Quest Esports are the eighth and final team to qualify for The International (TI) 2023 from the regional qualifiers after they claimed the second spot for Western Europe with a 2-0 sweep over Luna Galaxy in the lower bracket of the region’s qualifier on Friday (31 August). Quest qualifying for TI 2023 completes one of the most impressive runs for a team in recent memory. They

NWC guidelines for re-employment of older workers out in November

The government received a letter recommending reasonable adjustments. The National Wages Council (NWC) will be releasing in November the 2023/2024 guidelines on rehiring senior workers in Singapore. Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) made the announcement after Mr Yao Chee Liew made a petition, calling for the NWC to adjust the wages in the next set of guidelines. “The NWC will continue to champion fair, inclusive and sustainable wage growth for

Dota 2: Puppey's TI streak ends as Secret is knocked out of TI 2023 WEU qualifier by Quest

Dota 2 all-time great Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s legendary streak of attending every iteration of The International (TI), the game’s annual world championship tournament, has finally come to an end after Team Secret were knocked out of TI 2023’s Western European regional qualifier by Quest Esports on Thursday (31 August). While his streak has now been ended, Puppey still holds the disctinction of being the only player in the history of

4 Zodiac Signs That Are The Hardest To Understand

Ever wondered what it’s like to sit with someone you can’t read? While you try your best to get to know them, it’s simply impossible to tell what’s going on in these signs’ minds. + Two more eye drops recalled after being linked to deadly bacteria + 9 Dangerous Side Effects of Intermittent Fasting + How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats on Their Partner People of these signs won’t let you

McDonald’s Singapore Surfs Up New Black Pepper Cheese Fillet-O-Fish For Limited-Time Only

McDonald’s Singapore is surfing up a new limited-time-only burger. Starting today, customers can sink their teeth into the Black Pepper Cheese Fillet-O-Fish. A twist on the classic Fillet-O-Fish burger, the Black Pepper Cheese Fillet-O-Fish sees the 100 per cent wild Alaskan Pollock patty, topped with crunchy lettuce and an all-new Black Pepper Cheese Sauce. The burger is available in single and double patties. A single ala-carte burger starts from S$4.50