July 2023

Tim McGraw slams 'terrible' fan behaviour

Tim McGraw thinks the recent behaviour of some concertgoers has been “terrible”. The 56-year-old singer has spoken out about fan behaviour, following a trend of concertgoers throwing various items, including drinks and phones, at artists during their performances. Responding to the recent trend, Tim told CNN: “I think it’s terrible. “I mean, you could really injure somebody and you could miss and hit somebody in the audience and injure somebody.

Chevrolet Kills Base $45,000 Blazer EV 1LT Trim

The 2LT FWD arriving in 2024 will be the new entry-level model; the most affordable Blazer EV you can buy now costs $56,715. When Chevrolet unveiled the 2024 Blazer EV last year, it promised an entry-level 1LT trim level with a starting price around $45,000. As it turns out, that Blazer EV 1LT will be no more. Earlier today, Chevy put out a press release detailing the 2024 Blazer EV

Harley-Davidson X440 Reservations In India To Stop Temporarily On August 3

Partner Hero MotoCorp says the price will increase when sales resume. Are you looking to get your hands on a Harley-Davidson X440 in India? If the answer is yes, and you haven’t already pre-booked your bike yet, Harley-Davidson India just announced that it will be closing its online bookings for the bike very soon.   How soon, exactly? In announcements both on Twitter and on its official website, H-D India

Heidi and Spencer Pratt promise to 'dig the dirt' on their new podcast

Heidi and Spencer Pratt plan to “explore what’s happening off camera” on their new podcast. The 36-year-old star and Spencer, 39, are set to co-host a new podcast called ‘Speidi’s 16th Minute’, and the celebrity duo have promised to dig the “dirt” from the entertainment industry. Spencer told PEOPLE: “Heidi and I have always wanted to do a MasterClass on being famous. But since their people never call us back,

New Toyota 4Runner Rendering Imagines Boxy SUV With Tacoma Face

Rumors say it will arrive for the 2025 model year, losing the V6 engine option in the process. 2009. That’s when the Toyota 4Runner currently available first entered production. Granted, it’s gone through multiple updates in the last 14 years, but we’re still talking about one of the oldest vehicle generations currently on sale today. That will soon change, and the folks at 4Runner6G.com shared some unofficial renderings of how

Michelle Yeoh’s mom didn't even know daughter got married

Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh married her long-time fiance, Jean Todt, in Geneva, Switzerland, on July 27 after she was proposed to 19 years ago. But Yeoh’s mother, Janet Yeoh, did not know her daughter got hitched. Surprise The 84-year-old told China Press she was clueless: “My daughter would always call me, but she didn’t inform me when we were on the phone two weeks ago. Maybe she wants to surprise

Tan Kin Lian Will Truly Be a People’s President, Judging From His Facebook Posts

Top image: Tan Kin Lian / Facebook  The presidency is serious business. The upcoming presidential race, however, has already precipitated several jocular moments: Businessman George Goh getting roasted about how “people want chain (change)” and former GIC CIO Ng Kok Song touting meditation as the cure for youths’ mental health issues.  Frontrunner Tharman Shanmugaratman, however, hasn’t said anything quite as peculiar yet.  With former NTUC Income CEO Tan Kin Lian,

‘Is Singapore a Garden City?’ — Woman shocked to see pile of rubbish, overflowing trash bin inside Changi Terminal 3

SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media after seeing a pile of rubbish beside an already-full garbage bin at the departure area of Terminal 3 of Changi Airport. “Is Singapore a Garden City?” Ms Jean Teo asked on Saturday (Jul 29) on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page. She posted a picture of a fairly large silver garbage bin. On top of the bin appeared to be several white plastic bags

The 3 zodiac signs most affected by August’s supermoon

August is filled with intense cosmic changes, and it starts with the first of the two full moons this month (yes, two full moons). Peaking on August 1, the Sturgeon full moon rocks the boat in rebellious Aquarius – and the air sign is all about embracing our eccentricities and having the courage to stand up for causes they believe in. On the full moon of August 1, there is

Departing boss Szafnauer hopes “future is bright” for Alpine F1 staff

After 18 months in charge of the team, Szafnauer completed his final weekend with Alpine at Spa on Sunday evening, following Friday’s announcement of his departure. He will be replaced on an interim basis by Bruno Famin, who is also Alpine’s VP of motorsport. After Sunday’s race Szafnauer said an emotional farewell to team members in the garage and motorhome before heading to the airport. His tenure officially ends on