Number of road potholes rise by 30 per cent prompting LTA to step up repair works

Number of road potholes rise by 30 per cent prompting LTA to step up repair works

SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has revealed that the number of potholes in Singapore roads has increased by 30 per cent compared with the same period last year, and has stepped up repair efforts.

LTA recorded 1,123 potholes in January and February of this year, compared to 838 potholes in the same period last year. This year’s number is nowhere close the record number of 3,318 that were recorded in the first two months of 2021.

The number of potholes this year has raised concerns among road users about potential safety hazards. Some cyclists have complained that they need to dodge potholes at all times to avoid accidents when riding.

People have also uploaded videos on social media to remind road users that there are several potholes in Pandan Road. Choa Chu Kang Road and Kranji Road also had potholes of different sizes.

One food delivery worker told Channel 8 News: “Recently, it has become bigger and deeper, which is very dangerous for bicycles and electric vehicles like ours.”

Another delivery rider added: “Potholes in the Bukit Batok, Jurong West, and Jurong East have also started to increase recently. Once I hit this hole and my motorcycle died, and I had to send it to be repaired.”

A cyclist said: “Because our wheels are not as big as those of a car, if we hit them, we will fall. If there is a car behind us, we may get into accidents.”

The higher number of potholes has been attributed to the inclement weather that has drenched Singapore since the beginning of the year. The authorities have said that there are cracks in the ground from normal wear and tear that become potholes when water seep into them. The potholes widen as vehicles pass by, exacerbated by prolonged periods of heavy rainfall.

The LTA has said that about 200 potholes are typically found each month and this can increase to 800 to 1,000 during the monsoon season.

The potholes at Commonwealth Road and Pandan Road have since been filled. The LTA has promised to deploy additional manpower and up the frequency of inspections to speed up pothole repairs, during the rainy season.

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