Henry Thia’s label taking legal action against company which allegedly edited ad to promote illegal gambling

Henry Thia's label taking legal action against company which allegedly edited ad to promote illegal gambling

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Singaporean actor Henry Thia, better known as Hui Ge, is currently assisting with police investigations for his alleged involvement in an advertisement for an illegal gambling platform.

His management agency, King Kong Media Production, told Mothership in its original statement they were alerted to the video, and that Thia is cooperating with police investigations.

What apparently happened

In a follow-up statement to Mothership on Mar. 11, King Kong revealed details of what happened.

According to a rep, Thia was invited to film an ad for a live broadcasting platform in Malaysia some time in 2022.

King Kong stated they asked the advertising agency involved to ensure that there would be no illegal elements, including illegal gambling in the clip. It was also stated in the contract that there would be no illegal elements in the video.

Thia was accompanied by staff to the filming, which was conducted in Malaysia, and did not find anything amiss during the session.

After filming was completed, the advertising agency sent a video, which King Kong understood to be the full clip.

It was filmed according to a storyboard they previously approved of, and the clip was only to promote said live broadcasting platform.

They gave the clip the go-ahead.

A King Kong rep said:

“However, the version which was uploaded online was not the version which we approved. The video was edited to include content [which promotes] illegal gambling in the last 10 seconds.”

Taking legal action

King Kong and Thia are cooperating with investigations by the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

They added that results of the investigation will be shared by the SPF.

At the same time, King Kong has engaged a lawyer in Malaysia to pursue legal action against both the advertising company and the live broadcasting platform.

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