‘Drink more hot water’: 3-year-old girl in China standing in for parents to man store delights mainland social media with caring customer service

‘Drink more hot water’: 3-year-old girl in China standing in for parents to man store delights mainland social media with caring customer service
  • A video of a little girl serving a male customer in her parents’ shop and telling him to drink more hot water as he buys tampons goes viral in China
  • The girl’s mother says she picked up the advice from watching her father in the shop and knows how to serve customers with ease

A three-year-old Chinese girl helping out at her parents’ convenience store has melted hearts on mainland social media in a video where she tells a male customer buying tampons to drink more hot water.

The unnamed girl, wearing pigtails, from Liaoning province in northeastern China is seen in the video standing alone at a cashier in her parents’ shop.

“What would you like to buy?” she asked a man who walked into the store.

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“Are there any tampons?” he asked.

The girl pointed to a shelf where some tampons were displayed, and the man picked up a box and took it to the counter.

As the girl scanned the item and the man prepared to pay, she told him: “Please drink more hot water. Take care.”

The man did a double-take before leaving the store without a word.

The girl’s mother, surnamed Wang, said that her daughter knows how to serve customers as she has spent a lot of time in the store observing her parents.

“I think she learned that advice from her father because sometimes her father tells me to drink more hot water, so she probably kept that in her mind,” Wang told The Paper.

“I feel it’s very sweet,” Wang said.

The girl has delighted internet users on mainland social media with her cute advice.

One person said: “The girl is so adorable.”

Another person wrote: “It’s a wonderful life when a caring man meets another sweet girl.”

Stories about cute children being thoughtful and mature beyond their years often trend online in mainland China.

Last week, a little girl who earned money by recycling scrap material to help her parents buy a family car delighted millions after a video of her efforts went viral.

At the beginning of this year, a story about a three-year-old girl who cried after seeing her father had developed grey hair and thought he was dying was also very popular on social media.

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