Stories you might’ve missed, March 7

Stories you might’ve missed, March 7

Ho Ching tries to flip the “give one chicken wing, take back whole chicken” rhetoric


SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife Ho Ching has implied that the opposite may be true when it comes to the “give one chicken wing take back whole chicken” rhetoric that is quite popular in Singapore.

The phrase “the government gives a chicken wing and takes back the whole chicken” is a common expression used by Singaporeans to describe situations where the government provides some form of assistance or benefit, but then subsequently imposes more stringent regulations or restrictions that offset the initial benefits.

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Bilahari Kausikan slams Vivian Balakrishnan’s “profoundly misleading” comments in Bloomberg interview

  SINGAPORE: “Unhistorical nonsense” and “profoundly misleading” — these were the words retired diplomat Bilahari Kausikan used to describe some of Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan’s recent comments in a Bloomberg interview that aired yesterday (6 Mar).

Taking part in the “Bloomberg Markets Asia” television programme yesterday, the ruling party politician asserted his belief that the “peace dividend” that spanned seven to eight decades after World War II is over. He said:

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Woman asks Deliveroo customer service if he expects her to eat moldy food after receiving spoilt chicken in her salad


SINGAPORE: A woman could not contain her astonishment after receiving moldy chicken in the salad she ordered but the food delivery company told her it was unable to offer her a refund.

Facebook user Jess Ashley Yeow wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Monday morning (Mar 6) that “Deliveroo is ridiculous and definitely the worst ever food delivery app” after she said the company would not process a refund despite her reaching out to the customer service over live chat immediately.

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Maid takes a loan for another helper who then refuses to pay her back, borrower even plans to transfer to another country and abscond

  SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper who used her work permit to take a loan for another maid complained that the latter never intended to pay her back.

In a post to Facebook group FDW in Singapore, a third helper shared the situation. She wrote that her friend, T, used her work permit to borrow a sum of money for L, another helper. While the amount was not disclosed in the post, the maid shared that T had to pay a monthly interest rate on top of the amount she had to return.

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Man likely to be promoted wonders if he should leave his job because he hates dealing with his boss


SINGAPORE: A 24-year-old man in line to receive a promotion at work wondered if he should stay or quit because he hated working with his boss.

In an anonymous post to Facebook page SGWhispers, the man wrote that he had been working in the company for over a year. “If I get promoted, it will be a different job role compared to the role I applied initially (which I’m not sure if I will like it) Not to mention, there will be higher expectations”, he added.

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