Resident says her house was renovated in 2020 but water leakage and mold problems have gotten worse

Resident says her house was renovated in 2020 but water leakage and mold problems have gotten worse

SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media to complain over the state of the leak and mold problems in her home, saying that she’s already reached out to the Town Council, HDB and even the Member of Parliament in her area “but the issue just doesn’t get solved.”

A Ms Ting Lim wrote that her home had been renovated late in 2020, and when a leak was discovered afterwards, the issue was raised, but, “Up till now, it only got worse and I’m very worried my vinyl, wardrobe and paint will wear off because its turning mouldy,” she added.

She then proceeded to ask for advice from netizens, because, due to a recent downpour, “the situation got worse and to my horror, I saw a big puddle of water in the room. And now, my common toilet’s ceiling is affected too.”

Ms Ting also wrote, “The same wall facing the corridor is leaking also and it’s very obvious the root of it comes from the ceiling.”

She also posted photos of water damage to her ceiling and streaks of water flowing down the walls.

Many people online appeared to be sympathetic to her plight.

When one asked her who her MP is and where she lives, she replied, “Tampines. Koh Poh Koon is the new MP.”

Mr Koh, who is Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment as well as Senior Minister of State for Manpower, has been serving as MP for the Tampines Central division of Tampines GRC since 2020, when he took over from Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat.

Netizens who have had the same problem reached out with advice for Ms Ting.

One wrote, “If only happens during downpours, then likely the external wall waterproofing is damaged. My case was wall was wet during downpours and wall got mouldy. Email Town Council and TC repaired the external wall.”

Another wrote, “Top floor shld be from the water tank area. Means water proofing gone. Town Council shld be liable cos its common area.”

“Don’t email. Go down and bang table. Within a year, from start of the complaint, the repair should be free, within DLP,” another netizen advised.

Another netizen wrote, “Don’t email. Go to TC or HDB directly. Go to Meet-your-people (MPS) by your MP. Bring photos. If MP visits your block, make an effort to show him or her. The entourage consists of TC n HDB people.”

“Go down mp bang table give them a reason not to ignore ur case and need to be done abt it A.S.A.P or else they will dilly daily…u know we all know la hor…can liao,” wrote another.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Ms Ting and the Tampines Town Council for comment.


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