SMRT files police report after boy allegedly caused train delay by jamming screen door

SMRT files police report after boy allegedly caused train delay by jamming screen door

SINGAPORE — Train operator SMRT has lodged a police report after a young boy deliberately prevented a platform screen door from closing, allegedly causing a train delay on Tuesday (28 February).

SMRT Trains president Lam Sheau Kai told Yahoo News Singapore that a commuter deliberately prevented the platform screen door at Jurong East MRT station from closing around 5pm on Tuesday.

He noted that SMRT takes such behaviour very seriously, since not only is it dangerous for the individual involved, but it could also cause delays in train service, affecting many commuters.

“For the safety of everyone, all commuters are advised not to obstruct the doors when the doors are closing. We have reported this matter to the police,” he added.

Forced platform doors open with object

An uploaded YouTube video, which has since been removed, showed a boy forcing the platform screen doors open, by inserting what looked like a metal flask between them to prevent them from closing.

During the two-minute video, the affected door stayed shut while the ones beside it opened for commuters to enter. The boy was also heard saying he believed the train service had been interrupted.

Before the affected train moved off, an SMRT staff was seen running towards a control panel to repair the issue. The boy was heard saying “this is so cool” as he continued filming the SMRT staff.

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