SG Reddit users explain why they still wear masks today, and the reasons may surprise you

SG Reddit users explain why they still wear masks today, and the reasons may surprise you

SINGAPORE: A Reddit user addressed the issue of why people are still wearing masks outdoors and why they are doing so. After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and a mask mandate was imposed, on March 29, 2022, wearing masks outdoors has become optional.

Reddit user johnotcena wrote in an r/askSingapore thread, Those who still wear masks outside, why do you still do it?Nothing wrong with doing so (since there are no rules where you must take off your masks), but since the rules are gone, why do you still do so?”

A lengthy discussion ensued, with Reddit users weighing in on their reasons for masking.

One guessed, “Maybe they have vulnerable people at home, eg toddlers and elderly.”

“Yes, exactly. When vunerable people get sick at home, it is extremely exhausting to take care of them,” another answered.

Another chimed in, “My grandparents are quite healthy at 90+ yrs old. Prefer to lower the risk lor.”

Inconsiderate people coughing/sneezing/sniffling around me, the worst are those who sneezes so loudly that everyone within a 15m radius can hear and turn their heads. Those are the scariest. No thank you,” one wrote.

If it’s crowded, I wear mask because you will never know if any of the person around you is sick and start coughing and it’s just extra protection for myself. If not crowded, I don’t wear.”

Surprisingly, a lot of answers had to do with taking the train home.

“Always tired after work, so I can sleep on train with mouth open,” one wrote.

“Collect my drool when I sleep on the train,” said another.


Another chimed in, “Use up my leftover masks & to protect my dignity when sleeping on public transport.”

“k’nn u got see how many uncle and auntie just coughing without mask not especially those every 30s cough 1 time one,” wrote another.

A netizen told his personal story, “Fell sick a few days before the mask mandate was lifted so I still have to mask up, and I’m still coughing til now and getting dirty looks on the mrt.”

Some Reddit user took it as a joke.

“My face too handsome, exposing my face dilutes the face value,” one wrote.

Despite the thinking that the Covid-19 pandemic is over, some people still want to avoid germs.

Gross people coughing without covering their mouth on public transport still. Even after covid. Why????,” wrote one.

On March 24, 2022, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that the nation would put a new set of safety measures in place. Though mask donning will be optional outdoors, they will still be mandatory indoors. Aside from this, the maximum capacity of group gatherings and events was also increased.

Last month, mask-wearing on public transport was also lifted, with Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong saying, “Our population has developed a high level of hybrid immunity. The risk of infections leading to severe illness or deaths is very low — comparable to other endemic respiratory diseases like influenza.”



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