Man horrified to find mouldy cream cheese being sold in Giant supermarket

Man horrified to find mouldy cream cheese being sold in Giant supermarket

SINGAPORE — A man was horrified after being greeted with a mouldy sight in the cream cheese spread which he had bought for his child.

In a Facebook poston Friday (3 March), Mavi Singh Pannu said he had purchased the Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese spread from Admiralty Drive’s Giant supermarket outlet on Thursday.

He pointed out that the product was supposed to be cheese, but he spotted the “disgusting sight” of a brownish patch of mouldy cheese when he opened it.

“Luckily, my kid didn’t eat it…What if someone else’s kid eats this?” he wrote in his Facebook post.

According to the receipt he posted online, the cream cheese product in question is retailed for $7.10.

Investigations started on mouldy cheese issue

A spokesperson for DFI, which operates the Giant supermarket chain, told Yahoo News Singapore it is aware of the issue, and has started an investigation with its suppliers.

“The product in question is a pre-packaged and sealed item, and we are currently working closely with our supplier to identify the root cause,” the spokesperson said.

“We have not received any other complaints for this product. Nonetheless, we take this incident very seriously and have stepped up our checks on our products to ensure that they are safe, fresh and of the high quality that our customers expect.

“We would like to express our apologies to this customer for their experience, and have since reached out to offer additional support.”

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