It’s Not A Scam: Cathay Pacific Offering Singapore Residents 12,500 Round-Trip Air Tickets To Hong Kong For Free

It’s Not A Scam: Cathay Pacific Offering Singapore Residents 12,500 Round-Trip Air Tickets To Hong Kong For Free

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How can I win a free round-trip ticket to Hong Kong?

Honestly, the process is pretty straightforward. Almost too good to be true, you might think. But hey, for all the dim sum and shopping that we’ve missed out on in the past 3 years, we’d say this giveaway is worth a shot. Here’s how to get in on the game:

  1. You must be a Cathay member. If you aren’t one yet, sign up for a free membership on Cathay Pacific’s website.
  2. From 2-8 March 2023, visit the campaign website, sign in using their Cathay membership details, and answer 3 questions correctly.
  3. The prize will be awarded to the first 12,500 entrants with correct answers.
  4. Each member may submit 1 entry only.
  5. The winners will be announced on the campaign website on 20 March 2023, and they will also receive an email with details on how to redeem their prize.

Can I still win free round-trip tickets to Hong Kong if I’m not based in Singapore?

Yeah, you can. In Southeast Asia, the campaign will be launched in phases. It is beginning first with Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines on 1, 2 and 3 March 2023 respectively, and then Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia in stages two weeks later. Here’s a quick rundown of the key dates for all our SEA neighbours.

Phase 1

Thailand Singapore Philippines
Campaign start date 1 March 2023 (12:00 local time) 2 March 2023 (12:00 local time) 3 March 2023 (12:00 local time)
Winner Announcement 17 March 2023 20 March 2023 21 March 2023

Phase 2

Indonesia Malaysia Vietnam Cambodia
Campaign start date 15 March 2023 (12:00 local time) 16 March 2023 (12:00 local time) 17 March 2023 (12:00 local time) 18 March 2023 (12:00 local time)
Winner Announcement 31 March 2023 3 April 2023 4 April 2023 5 April 2023

How is Hong Kong managing to offer so many free tickets to Southeast Asian countries?

“As part of the relief package for Hong Kong’s aviation industry during the pandemic, AAHK provided liquidity support to the home-based carriers in 2020 by sponsoring air tickets in advance. The air tickets will be used to promote traffic recovery when the pandemic subsides,” explains Vivian Cheung, Chief Operation Officer of AAHK. Cheung also adds, “Hong Kong has opened up and we are eager to welcome visitors from different parts of the world. Various new services and facilities are ready at Hong Kong International Airport and we are looking forward to providing passengers a brand new airport experience.”

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What other goodies is Hong Kong offering to tourists?

Together with the tourism and hospitality sectors, HKTB has organised welcome offers with over 16,000 outlets across the city. This includes complimentary welcome drinks at participating bars, restaurants, and hotels, and cash vouchers to be redeemed in the transportation, culinary and retail sectors, as well as attractions. Nice. 

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