‘You are lucky to find me’: nasty entitled Chinese civil servant who abused woman after blind date rejection faces online backlash and forced to apologise

‘You are lucky to find me’: nasty entitled Chinese civil servant who abused woman after blind date rejection faces online backlash and forced to apologise
  • After being rejected politely by a woman following a blind date, self-important Chinese civil servant turns nasty towards her online
  • Hundreds of thousands on mainland social media slam the man’s attitude, mocking his sense of entitlement and self-importance

An entitled Chinese civil servant who verbally abused a woman after a failed blind date with her has been hit by a torrent of criticism on mainland social media.

Screenshots of a WeChat dialogue between the public official and the woman – posted by her – have been widely circulated on the Weibo platform.

They show the man, surnamed Wang, who claimed to be a “cadre”, telling the woman: “It’s lucky for you to find a civil servant like me who can live a stress-free, relaxed life in the city.”

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Before his condescending comment to the woman, he confessed: “I won’t hide myself. I have feelings for you. You’re gentle and sexy and make a man’s hormones rise.”

After the woman replied politely: “Thank you for your appreciation, but we really aren’t right for each other and I don’t want to waste your time,” the self-serving civil servant opined: “I’ve lost a bit of my pride.”

The “cadre”, from the southwestern Chinese province of Guizhou, then said of himself: “I have developed a low-profile and discreet image in society, but that doesn’t mean I’m really low-level myself.”

But then he reveals the true, self-important core of his nature by saying: “There are plenty of average-looking, 160cm tall, well-maintained girls. You will not even be able to tang ping by yourself until you retire.”

Tang ping, which translates to “lie flat” in Mandarin, has become a popular term on the Chinese internet over the last two years, meaning to stop working and rest constantly.

The man, a member of staff at the Statistics Bureau of Huaxi District in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province, has apologised to the woman and submitted a review to his workplace, according to Jimu News, a media outlet in the central province of Hubei.

Hundreds of thousands read the story on Weibo.

One angry online observer said: “Being a civil servant makes him feel so powerful that the Earth can’t even accommodate him.”

Another commented: “The more you lack something, the more you try to sell it.”

As the pressure to marry grows, many young Chinese are embracing matchmaking or blind dates to find a partner.

In recent years, many bizarre stories related to this phenomenon have circulated on Chinese social media.

During this year’s Lunar New Year holidays, a newspaper in the eastern province of Zhejiang reported that a 29-year-old man in the coastal city of Ningbo had gone on blind dates with more than 200 women in five years.

“I can’t feel love anymore,” the man said.

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