Stefanie Sun’s manager denies rumours of singer being pregnant with 3rd child

Stefanie Sun's manager denies rumours of singer being pregnant with 3rd child

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Stefanie Sun’s manager has denied rumours of the 44-year-old being pregnant with her third child.

According to Taiwan’s United Daily News (UDN), the singer was recently photographed with her tummy looking like it had a “small bump”.

In addition, netizens observed that her latest selfies on Instagram, which were posted in December, only showed her face.

By joining the non-existent dots, they concluded that she was hiding a baby bump, and must be pregnant.

Manager clears things up

In response to UDN‘s queries, Sun’s manager said, “I swear she’s not pregnant.”

The Taiwanese media outlet then pointed out that the singer has maintained her svelte figure since her showbiz debut over two decades ago.

Her manager probably tried to end the conversation with: “Please forgive this middle-aged female celebrity [for putting on weight]. I’ll do my best to encourage her [to lose weight].”

Sun married businessman Nadim Van Der Ross in 2011. They have a 10-year-old son and four-year-old daughter.

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