14 Tourist hotspots in Beaverton that live up to the hype

14 Tourist hotspots in Beaverton that live up to the hype

Beaverton is a city in Oregon and is the second-largest city in Washington County. Tualatin Hills Nature Park is a lovely nature park and wildlife preserve home to wetlands, meadows, and creek habitat and is the top wildlife watching area. Cooper Mountain Nature Park is another nature park home to native bird species like bald eagles, Olive-sided flycatchers, and various other wildlife. The Belle Ainsworth Jenkins Estate is a fabulous live history museum and is a significant landmark with eight buildings and stunning grounds, also available for special events and parties. Hamacher Wines is on the Ponzi Historic Estate, known for its Chardonnay wine varietals, artistic wines, and lovely tasting rooms.

In Beaverton you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Cooper Mountain Nature Park, Melilah Park, and Progress Lake Park and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Cooper Mountain Nature Park

This park is a 231-acre park in the state of Oregon, was opened in 2009, owned and operated by Metro, which is the regional government in the Oregon portion of the Metro area. This park has a 2.6-mile loop trail available for all skill levels and has wonderful wildflowers. Also, wildlife can be enjoyed with glimpses of rare animals while hiking the trail. Pets are not allowed in this park as they can be threatening to wildlife.

2. Melilah Park

Melilah Park, located in Oregon, is known for housing a public tennis establishment that features 2 public tennis courts. However, aside from tennis courts, the park also houses other sports courts such as basketball and volleyball courts. Avid sports players will surely love the courts offered by the park.

3. Progress Lake Park

A great watering place is hidden around the bottom trail, by the small lake/pond. It seems like a city fountain with multiple levels of square pools, similar to the very small Ira Keller fountain, but it cascades down into a man-made little waterfall that flows under a bridged walkway and into a quaint little waterfall pond feature. All of this overlooks the pond and is particularly lovely in the evening light. The water is not very deep, and it is rather cold, yet it is still suitable for small children.

4. Cooper Mountain Vineyards

Cooper Mountain Vineyards is a winery located on the site of an ancient volcano in Northern Oregon. The result of a volcanic event in Eastern Oregon 50 million years ago was the creation of its unique soils. Starting in 1978, the certified organic winemaker produces some world-class wines including Pinot noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, and Pinot blanc. The Cooper Mountain Nature Park is one mile away from the Jenkins Estate Hiking trails. Stunning views of Cooper Mountain can be seen from the Vineyard.

5. Beaverton Farmers Market

Visitors should not miss visiting the Beaverton Farmers Market in Oregon as it offers diverse and different fresh farm foods that are planted and grown in the city. Visitors who love to eat and shop will have fun at the market as it houses numerous food stalls as well as sellers of other items.

6. Jenkins Estate

Jenkins Estate sits on the northwest slope of Cooper Mountain overlooking the Tualatin Valley. The estate comprises a main house with seven bedrooms which served as a residence for an English royal family. The property also has historic buildings, stables, a carriage house, tea house, water tower, farmhouse, and a pump house. The estate has 23-acres of land covered with beautiful gardens and walking trails. The Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District purchased the estate in the year 1976. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

7. Oaks Amusement Park

Oaks Amusement Park is one of the oldest amusement parks opened in 1905. This amusement park has 18 hectares of rides including bumper cars, roller coaster, skating rink, mini train, and zero gravity rides. This park is closed on Mondays, open skate sessions are organized, skate rentals are also available. Children can relish cotton candies, burgers, and other delicious bites available in this park.

8. Tualatin Hills Nature Park

The Tualatin Hills Nature Park is a huge 222-acre nature park and wildlife preserve in Beaverton, Oregon.Owned by the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District, the park offers various recreational activities. It features 5 miles of trails, of which 1.5 miles are paved and 3.5 miles are unpaved. Several lakes and streams are part of the stunning park.

9. The Tualatin Valley

Visitors who love the great outdoor would certainly have a fun time at the Tualatin Valley. It is a farming and suburban region of Oregon where it is known for its farmer’s markets. Visitors would surely have a blast shopping at the markets as delicious vegetables and colorful fruits are sold there.

10. Fanno Creek Greenway Trail

Fanno Creek Greenway Trail, located in Oregon, is famous for its well-paved path that is ideal for hiking. The trail spans for many miles and offers a wondrous view of nature, most importantly a view of the Tualatin River. Those who love hiking should visit the trail and try it out themselves.

11. Lowami Hart Woods Natural Area

Lowami Hart Woods Natural Area is a 28 acre forested and wetland natural area. Less than 30 minutes from downtown Portland, Lowami Hart Woods is located in the Beaverton area. There are extremely beautiful wetlands and wildlife present in the area. Also includes a large viewing deck looking into the forest which allows visitors to dig deeper into the natural area, coming across the Johnston Creek, lowland deciduous forest, and the Wahoo Trail.

12. Beaverton Foursquare Church

This Pentecostal place of worship is composed of a Christian community that welcomes people of almost any background. The church provides visitors and regular members with sermons that inspire and help people find meaning even in the problematic aspect of their lives. But perhaps the best part of this community is its translation of sermons into languages like Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

13. Cedar Mill Park

Cedar Mill Park, located in Oregon, is one of the must-visit destinations in the city. It is a park that features stunning views of nature as it is surrounded by towering trees and vibrant flowers. Visitors would surely love the park as it is the perfect place for various outdoor activities such as going on a picnic or hiking.

14. Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum, located in Oregon, is a cultural center of the city and features two side-by-side buildings filled with numerous informative exhibits. One of the museum’s buildings is considered to be one of the oldest museums in the United States. The museum features exhibits that recognize the culture and traditions of indigenous people as it is their land where the museum stands today.

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