Ray Liotta’s loved ones among fans at premiere of his last film ‘Cocaine Bear’

Ray Liotta’s loved ones among fans at premiere of his last film ‘Cocaine Bear’

Late ‘Goodfellas’ actor Ray Liotta’s loved ones were among fans who turned out at the premiere of his last film ‘Cocaine Bear’.

His only child Karsen Liotta, 24, who he had with ex-wife Michelle Grace, as well as his businesswoman fiancée Jacy Nittolo, 47, and sister Linda Matthews were at the Regal LA Live cinema in Los Angeles on Tuesday (21.02.23) for the showing of the comedy horror flick.

It was inspired by the true story of a bear that ingested an entire bag of coke in 1985, and sees Ray plays a drugs baron.

He shot the film before he died in his sleep aged 67 in the Dominican Republic on 6 May 2022, ands scheduled to make another film, ‘The Substance’ at the time of his death.

Ray started dating Jacy in 2020, and she paid tribute to him in November by posting a black and white photo of them together on her Instagram, which she captioned: “’I’ve been without Ray for almost 6 months now. Most days are unbearable. I find it hard to breathe without him.”

Filmed in Ireland and directed by Elizabeth Banks, 49, it tells how a 230kg black bear goes on a killing rampage after sniffing and guzzling a multi-million dollar package of cocaine that smugglers air-dropped into a forest in the state of Georgia, leaving residents forced to team up to survive.

Ray has been seen in a trailer telling one of his gang: “A lot of cocaine was lost – I need you to go and get it,” before they encounter the beast that actor Alden Ehrenreich’s character shouts at Ray: “The bear, it f****** did cocaine – a bear did cocaine!”

Alden, 33, said on Tuesday Ray “seemed to be having a ball” during shooting, and added:

“He loved it. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that I got to work with him, and especially now. Liz (Banks) had such a great set and he came and he really seemed to be having a ball being a part of this.

“I mean, he really was having, I think, a really good time. And so it was really nice to be able to work with him and see him have so much fun with it.”

Ray was working on the film ‘Dangerous Waters’ when he died, and his loved ones are expected to be seen again on Friday (24.02.23) when he will be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The ceremony will take place at 6201 Hollywood Boulevard in front of Eastown in Los Angeles, and the actor’s daughter Karsen is set to accept the star on his behalf – which will be the 2,749th to be dedicated on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame since the first star was laid in March 1960.

Actress and director Elizabeth and actor Taron Egerton, 33, are due to pay tribute to the late actor during the dedication as guest speakers, with the event due to be live streamed.

Ray, who was abandoned at an orphanage and adopted at the age of six months, married Karsen’s mum Michelle, who he divorced in 2004, after they met at a baseball game where her former husband Mark Grace, was playing for the Chicago Cubs.

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