Geely Debuts Galaxy Model Range, Including Light EV Sedan Concept

Geely Debuts Galaxy Model Range, Including Light EV Sedan Concept

Geely plans to launch 7 vehicles in this lineup in the next two years.

China’s Geely launches a new range of premium electrified vehicles that it’s calling Galaxy. The brand intends to have seven models in this range within the next two years, and three of them would debut in 2023. Unfortunately, the fully electric Light concept (pictured above) is arguably the most intriguing machine of the bunch, but this is the one that Geely is revealing the least about at this time.

The PHEV models would use Geely’s NordThor 8848 powertrain. The company isn’t offering many specifics about it. The setup would allow for reaching 62 miles per hour in 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph (200 kph). The total range with full battery and tank of fuel would be as high as 851 miles (1,370 kilometers).

Geely says all of the Galaxy vehicles would benefit from the brand’s latest tech. This includes its Aegis battery safety system that protects the pack during direct impacts and pre-empt thermal runaways. They would run the Galaxy N-Operating System that can be ready to run in 0.5 seconds.

At this time, Geely is making no mention of offering the Galaxy models outside of China. It already offers products from other brands in other regions.

Source: Geely

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