Mark Lee calls out scammers for badly-edited photos of him looking like a hardened criminal

Mark Lee calls out scammers for badly-edited photos of him looking like a hardened criminal

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There have been multiple instances of online scammers using celebrities’ photos to hawk dodgy products.

They seem to be evolving — or in this case, regressing — as Mark Lee called out those who edited his face onto various criminals’ bodies.

Oddly enough, the scammers didn’t seem to have the time, or maybe budget, to do a proper job with their editing.

His first Instagram Story read:

“Am I a wanted criminal all over the world?

Can you get an expert to edit your photos?

People don’t believe this, right?

Check out their amazing work!”

Graphic design is their passion

The photos did not disappoint.

First up was Lee looking very much like a hardened criminal (whose head was too big for his body), escorted by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents.

A quick reverse Google image search showed that the original was a 2014 snap of American mobster Vincent Asaro.

The second appeared to show Lee in the courtroom, looking as though his head got hit by a shrink-ray.

Again, a quick reverse search showed that the original was of former Chinese politician Bo Xilai, who was convicted of bribery and embezzlement charges in 2013.

The last photo was the most confusing, as Lee didn’t look like a criminal — rather, he looked like he was an undercover officer of sorts.

The captions also claimed that Lee was involved in “a scandal that shocked the whole world” as he “didn’t know the camera was still recording”.

The “scandal” was apparently so terrible that it could mean “the end of his career”.

It’s not clear what the scammers were intending to achieve with the photos.

The actor concluded:

“Please don’t believe them! I only have one [Instagram] account, and it’s this one which is [verified] with the blue tick. Don’t believe [those accounts] which ask you to invest [or] buy something.

These scammers are everywhere, so please be careful.

If you see them, report and block [them] immediately.”

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