Jeremy Renner getting electric stimulation therapy as he battles to recover from snowplough horror

Jeremy Renner getting electric stimulation therapy as he battles to recover from snowplough horror

Marvel actor Jeremy Renner is getting electric stimulation therapy on his leg as he continues his fight to recover from almost being killed by his snowplough.

The Hawkeye star, 52, who had his chest and legs pulverised by his 14,000-lb Pistenbully Snowcat as he tried to stop it hurtling into his nephew on New Year’s Day, showed the physiotherapy technique in an update on his health for fans posted on social media on Saturday. (18.02.23)

In a video on his Instagram, vibrating attachments were seen stimulating on his right leg, which he said in writing across the clip was part of an “electric stimulation workout” to build “muscle strength”.

It is feared the actor’s full recovery may take years, but Jeremy last month vowed to “grow stronger” from the trauma, which left him needing two surgeries to insert pins around his leg.

He has been sharing updates from his hospital bed since his near-fatal accident, and in January a video of him in his Intensive Care Unit bed showed him with a huge bruise under his eye as his sister massaged his head and joked: “You’re so sexy,” as he talked about not being able to shower for days.

Jeremy, who returned home in January from hospital, had been using the snowcat that crushed him to pull his grown nephew’s truck from the snow when he was pulled under the machine, leaving him with more than 30 shattered bones.

A Nevada sheriff’s office incident report filed in January said the vehicle “had some mechanical issues”.

The redacted document from Washoe County Sheriff’s Office added the brake indicator light inside the snowcat’s cab was not functioning, and “mechanical issues may have been a factor in this accident”.

It added about how Jeremy was hurt while trying to save his nephew: “Once he was off the Pistenbully, he realised it was heading directly toward (his nephew.)

“He feared the Pistenbully was going to hit (his nephew), so he decided to attempt to stop or divert the Pistenbully.”

Jeremy clambered onto the plough’s moving track and was immediately pulled under the left side track, leaving him completely crushed under the vehicle.

A 911 call said the right side of his chest was left caved in and his upper torso “crushed”.

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