Ferrari, Carlos Sainz speaks out on Frederic Vasseur

Ferrari, Carlos Sainz speaks out on Frederic Vasseur

A new team principal, toward whom expectations are high.

Frederic Vasseur at Ferrari has taken over Mattia Binotto’s legacy in the role of team principal, reuniting with that Charles Leclerc with whom he already worked at Alfa Romeo. His arrival in Maranello, however, has not shaken Carlos Sainz, who has already spoken high words of praise for him.

“There hasn’t been much time yet, since he has only been at Ferrari for a couple of months,” Sainz said about Vasseur at a press conference. “Working with him, however, has been very nice so far. Now he has to get to know over a thousand people, and understand in depth how the team works. He has to be given time to do that.”

“The fact that he is starting to work together without having played even one match yet with this new organization is an important aspect. Because he is called upon to lead the group in one or another direction with all the influence he has. Already, however, one is beginning to understand how Vasseur works, and to perceive his directions differently. I respect everything he has done throughout his career, and I am sure that in Ferrari he will allow us to evolve and improve,” Sainz added.

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