Coffee with orange juice: Ashton Kutcher reveals surprise obsession

Coffee with orange juice: Ashton Kutcher reveals surprise obsession

Ashton Kutcher puts orange juice in his coffee.

The 45-year-old actor – who has two children with wife Mila Kunis – insisted there was a valid reason for his unusual drink combination and the sweetness of the fruit helped enhance the flavours in his caffeinated beverage.

Appearing on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, Ashton played a game where he had to convince the audience why his obsession should be their obsession, but when it was revealed to be orange juice in coffee, even the host was baffled.

Kelly exclaimed: “Wait, what?!”

The ‘Your Place or Mine’ actor urged Kelly to let him explain the valid reasoning behind his obsession.

He said: “I’m not big on creamers. I don’t like creamers. I usually drink black coffee. That is my go-to: black coffee.

“But, occasionally, I like light roast black coffee and one of the things about light roast black coffee is that it has citrus notes in it. And it’s one of the things that make… It’s the acidity that sort of gives it a brightness when you’re drinking coffee.

“And so it doesn’t get the burnt sense about it. So if I ever have like a medium roast coffee and I’m like, ‘Ah, I really would prefer this be a little bit more light roast,’ I take just a splash, not very much, a splash of orange juice and it brights up the coffee. And gives it a little bit of sweetness.”

The ‘Breakaway’ singer admitted she was unconvinced but promised to try the drink.

She said: “It sounds gross, but I’m going to try it.”

But her guest warned her not to “go overboard” with the juice and to use “just a splash” or it “gets all sorts of not fun.”

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