Night owl CEOs reject the “wake up at 5 am” club and yet have successful high-flying careers

Night owl CEOs reject the “wake up at 5 am” club and yet have successful high-flying careers

Not all Chief Executive Officers (CEO) are typical with their routine, and nowadays, there is a new type of boss called a night owl, who do not bother to wake up early. Some don’t start the day until 10 am and still have successful high-flying careers.

We all know there are two types of people, those who get up early and jump out of bed ready to conquer the world and the others who get out of bed rather grudgingly and only feel alive when the sun sets.

The business world however thrives on having an early start to the day. People like Michelle Obama, Jack Dorsey and Tim Cook have had their morning coffee, read their emails and even worked out before the sun has risen.

Night Owls, A Game Changer?

In a study by Mattress Next Day which was quoted in Fortune Magazine, it was reported that while two-thirds of the general population claim to be night owls, their chances are much slimmer than those of morning people. When analyzing the sleep routines of 50 wealthy celebrities, it found that around 60% are early birds, just one in six are night owls and a quarter are in between.

However, there is much evidence to say that you can still be successful after hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock.

Dating app So Syncd CEO Jessica Alderson said that she typically goes to bed between 2 am and 3 am and wakes up around 9 am.

“Despite the business world idolizing early risers, some CEOs are more productive as night owls, and I include myself in that category,” she said.

Alderson said that she listens to her body and that way gets her best work done at a time that’s right for her.

“Some business leaders boast about their 5 am starts and their strict routines. But there isn’t a right or wrong approach. It’s about finding what works for you.”

Her opinion is seconded by Guinness World Records SVP Marco Frigatti who says, “Unlike many other business leaders and chief executives, I’ve always been a night owl – or a late chronotype.”

He said that although he may be able to wake up early, his brain doesn’t.

“My night times are when I’m condensing all the ideas, conversations and interactions I had throughout the day. It’s when I’m able to think critically, be more creative and come up with solutions to help my team and our clients succeed.”

Tech start-up Pavilion CEO Mariel Reed told Fortune magazine that she became a night owl after becoming a parent.


“I start my day earlier with my son and allocate the precious hours of 5 pm and 7.30 pm to spend quality time with him. Then I return to work later in the night when it’s quiet and uninterrupted.”

Most CEOs said that the lack of interruption was one of the main advantages of working while everyone is asleep.

Whiskey Marketplace Todd Wiesel says, “Quiet and solitude of the night is the perfect environment for creativity, brainstorming and focused work and also having the action items of the previous day fresh in my mind.”

“I prefer to go to bed tired and wake up energized than to try and fall asleep while I am full of energy and excitement only to roll out of bed at 4 am in search of calm and quiet,” said Wiesel.

CEO of virtual fashion brand Seamm Marina Martianova says, “The business world has shifted thanks to remote work and a global workforce. This means your career success depends less on your schedule and more on your energy, flexibility and quick decision-making abilities. Take advantage of this newfound flexibility to create a more comfortable, productive work environment.”

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The post Night owl CEOs reject the “wake up at 5 am” club and yet have successful high-flying careers appeared first on The Independent Singapore News – Latest Breaking News

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