King Charles faced with ‘Not My King’ protestors on latest royal visit

King Charles faced with ‘Not My King’ protestors on latest royal visit

King Charles was faced with anti-royal protestors waving ‘Not My King’ signs on his latest official engagement.

The monarch, 74, who dodged being hit with eggs that were hurled at him on a tour of York in December, was on a trip to Milton Keynes on Thursday (16.02.23), to mark the south-east England region’s newly-granted city status when he was confronted by members of the Republic group, which is campaigning for an elected head of state for Britain.

It had around 20 protestors among hundreds of well-wishers as Charles arrived at the city’s Church of Christ the Cornerstone, and video and photos of the arrival showed the King waving directly in front of several placards bearing the ‘Not My King’ message in red capital letters, while fans of the monarch cheered: “God Save the King”.

Charles was meant to be joined on the Buckinghamshire visit by Queen Consort Camilla, 75, but she was forced to pull out after she tested positive for Covid earlier this week, in the second time she has been hit by the virus.

Republic wrote on Twitter ahead of its demonstration on Thursday: “We’re off to Milton Keynes today, to ask the King some questions. You can join the protest at the Church of Christ Cornerstone.”

The group had previously said it was getting worried by being harassed by police while it mounted protests during royal visits, and a spokesman told the Daily Express: “Republic is concerned about recent police harassment of peaceful protesters at royal events.

“We’re determined to get the message across that it’s OK to protest against the royals. Instead of a pointless coronation, we need a serious public debate.

“We believe the British public should be asked – do you want Charles or a choice?

“The tide is starting to turn against the monarchy and we need a serious debate about its future.”

Milton Keynes was granted city status in a ceremony after it was given the honour in the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last May.

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