I’ve become grumpier in recent years, says Sir Sam Neill

I've become grumpier in recent years, says Sir Sam Neill

Sir Sam Neill has become “grumpier” over recent years.

The 75-year-old actor has admitted to being easily irritated by some modern-day trends, including K-pop music.

He shared: “I get grumpier as I get older, like my dad, regrettably. He used to say, ‘What is this rubbish?’ when I was playing the Beatles. Well. I was listening to some K-Pop this morning and thinking: ‘This is just terrible!’ Just Awful!

“You see them do what they do and it’s kind of extraordinary but it leaves me completely cold. I’m sorry, girls!”

Sam has starred in a host of well-known movies during his career, including playing Dr. Alan Grant in the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise.

And Sam doesn’t have any intention of retiring anytime soon, insisting that he remains as passionate about his work as he ever has been.

He told The Independent: “The idea of giving up my day job? Intolerable!

“I love acting. It’s really good for me to keep walking onto new sets with young actors and all that stimulation. New words, new ideas, there’s nothing like it. I never want to give that up. The idea of retirement, of having to play golf, fills me with untold dread.”

Sam actually studied law at university before he really switched his attention to acting.

The Hollywood star admits that he was a terrible student, as he was busy “acting in plays” and “chasing girls”.

Speaking about his student days, Sam explained: “I failed everything. Probably because I didn’t go to the lectures. I was too busy acting in plays, chasing girls … skills which turned out to be more useful to me in the long run!”

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