11 Tourist hotspots in Wuppertal that live up to the hype

11 Tourist hotspots in Wuppertal that live up to the hype

Wuppertal is, with a population of approximately 355,000, the seventh-largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the 17th-largest city of Germany. It was founded in 1929 by the merger of the cities and towns of Elberfeld, Barmen, Ronsdorf, Cronenberg and Vohwinkel, and was initially “Barmen-Elberfeld” before adopting its present name in 1930. It is regarded as the capital and largest city of the Bergisches Land.

In Wuppertal you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Manuelskotten, Stroll Around The Kleine Schweiz, and See Animals At The Falknerei Bergisch Land. and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Manuelskotten

Wuppertal features a unique industrial landmark in the form of the Manauelskotten. The Kotten is halfway between Cronenberg and Kohlfurth, nestled in the Kaltenbach’s small valley. It depicts the history of energy creation since the Middle Ages, with a water wheel, steam engine, diesel engine, generator, and electric motor.

2. Stroll Around The Kleine Schweiz

Kleine Schweiz, located in Germany, is the perfect place to relax while admiring the trails’ surroundings. Visitors will also love the walking trails offered by the Kleine Schweiz as it features beautiful scenery and surroundings. Even beginners will love these as it’s not that difficult to traverse.

3. See Animals At The Falknerei Bergisch Land.

Visitors will surely love the Falknerei Bergisch Land as it is famous for the air shows it offers. The zoo is home to diverse bird species, and visitors can watch them showcase their beauty through various air shows. Tourists can also feed some birds and see them up close for an additional fee.

4. Bergische Museumsbahnen

In Wuppertal, there is a unique museum experience. The Bergische Museumsbahn offers visitors a chance to ride trams from the past. There is no other place that can offer that. Located near the city, the museum runs its own small tram line that can be a welcome way to spend and afternoon.

5. Wuppertal Zoo, Germany.

The Wuppertal Zoological Garden is a zoo in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The zoo is open to visitors year-round and includes a variety of animal species such as Apes, monkeys, bears, big cats, elephants, as well as birds, reptiles, and fish. It has about 500 different species and covers an area of 24 hectares. The zoo offers a variety of tours for all ages, including family tours. With all the different types of animals, the zoo has something for everyone. The zoo is very clean and well maintained, which makes it the best place for family tours.

6. Wuppertal-Barmen Station

Wuppertal-Barmen station, located in Wuppertal, offers a hassle-free mode of transportation for both locals and tourists alike in the city. They could easily travel to and from the city without spending a lot of money while also minimizing travel times.

7. Worship At The Maria, Königin Des Friedens

Maria, Königin des Friedens, which is commonly known as the Pilgrimage Church of Neviges, is a church located in Germany. It is famous for offering a tranquil and serene place for those who want to worship and pray in peace. Aside from this, the church had various exhibits about the pilgrimage in the 16th century. This event eventually led to the construction of the church.

8. Kohlfurther Bridge

Visitors strolling around the Kohlfurther Bridge in Germany will surely love the marvelous sights it offers. They can explore and see the beautiful and captivating scenery of the Wupper river. The bridge is also a quick and hassle-free way of exploring the city.

9. Be Up Close With Wildlife At The Animal Park Fauna

The Animal Park Fauna, located in Germany, is a famous zoo home to more than 500 species from the world. It prides itself on its top-notch enclosures and various informative exhibits. Also, visitors will have a great time seeing the animals and learning more about wildlife.

10. Immanuelskirche

Visitors to Wuppertal will appreciate dropping by the Immanuelskirche, especially when a concert happening. Since 1984, the location has been a concert venue for classical music events. A highlight is the locations organ which was built by the Karl Schuke Berliner Orgelbauwerkstatt, which is based in Berlin.

11. Learn More At The Museum Of Early Industrialization

Visitors should not miss out on the Museum of Early Industrialization located in Wuppertal, Germany. It is an educational museum filled with numerous exhibits that showcase the country’s social and economic history. Tourists will surely love exploring the museum due to its informative displays.

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