Lukaku-Barella spat, controversy explodes on social media

Lukaku-Barella spat, controversy explodes on social media

“Bravo to Lukaku, who has learned how to be on the pitch,” reads Twitter.

The draw at Marassi condemned Inter to surrender two more points to the now almost unreachable Napoli and, above all, not to gain precious lengths on their rivals in the Champions race. The obvious nervousness shown on the pitch by the Nerazzurri team exploded in all its evidence in the 39th minute of the first half when Nicolò Barella complained briskly to Romelu Lukaku guilty, according to the Sardinian, of having missed a control and thus not being able to pass him the ball.

“Enough with these arms Nicolò, shut up,” said Big Rom caught by Sky Sport cameras throughout his outburst. “Enough, don’t be like that,” the Belgian then repeated more than once, also concluding with what according to some appeared to be an insult aimed at his teammate, with his back to him in the TV frame.

The episode did not leave the Nerazzurri fans (and those of other teams as well, to be honest) indifferent, who commented on the incident on social media. Despite the fact that Barella is an idol of the Inter people, and Lukaku is not at his most popular with the same, many sided with the former Chelsea man, deserving of pointing out how important respect between teammates is also in order to achieve the team goal. “Bravo to Lukaku, who has learned how to be on the pitch,” one read on Twitter. Others pick on the former Cagliari midfielder, no stranger to such attitudes. “Finally, even Big Rom has understood what Barella is,” adds another user. In short, in the Inter locker room, a bad air might be blowing, at least for one night.

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