WildeWay’s FW11 Offers Tons Of Practicality And Impressive Range

WildeWay's FW11 Offers Tons Of Practicality And Impressive Range

It’s rocking one of the biggest batteries currently on offer on any e-bike.

Nowadays, more and more electric bikes geared towards practicality and utility are emerging. I guess more and more people are realizing the benefits of commuting on a lightweight two-wheeler as opposed to a heavy, gas-guzzling car. While there are still a lot of e-bikes designed solely for the purpose of fun and enjoyment, a lot more models in the market put a utilitarian spin on the good old e-bike.

Take for example WildeWay, a U.S.-based e-bike company, and its new FW11, an e-bike that touts one of the biggest batteries we’ve ever seen in an electric bicycle. Right off the bat, it’s clear that the FW11 fits the utility-focused bill perfectly. For example, its burly frame and wheels suggest that it’s comfortable riding off curbs and maybe even the odd gravel road. Furthermore, there’s also a passenger seat mounted atop a rear rack integrated onto the frame. This means that the FW11 can haul up to two folks, or one rider and quite a lot of luggage. 

As for the performance side of the equation, the FW11 is powered by a rear hub motor with a nominal output of 750 watts. It peaks out a 1,000 watts, so you’re sure to have a blast ripping around city streets. The mileage is pretty impressive, too. It promises up to 100 miles on pedal assist and 60 miles on throttle-only thanks to a massive 48V, 32-Ah battery pack with a total capacity of 1,536 watt-hours—nearly triple the capacity you’d expect to find in standard e-bikes. Making things even better, the battery pack is removable, meaning you can conveniently charge it on or off the bike. 

Complementing the FW11’s rather impressive performance is an array of premium features, too. Despite already rolling on fat tires, WildeWay throws in a front suspension fork to further cushion any blows uneven road surfaces may impart on the front end. There’s also a seven-speed Shimano gearbox, though it’s not like you’re gonna need it, thanks to the massive power output of the hub motor. Nevertheless, the FW11 relies on front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to slow it down, and even gets full LED lighting for extra nighttime visibility. 

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Best of all, WildeWay has managed to keep the pricing of the FW11 within the reach of the majority of commuters. At just $1,399 USD, it costs the fraction of the price of e-bikes from some of the top manufacturers, while offering more performance and range. Nevertheless, the true test of the bike would be if it can stand the test of time—something that only time itself can prove. That being said, the FW11 is currently available for order either from WildeWay’s official website, or through Amazon.

Source: Electrek, WildeWay, Amazon

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