Netizens slam woman for buying ‘only’ an Oppo phone for her helper

Netizens slam woman for buying ‘only’ an Oppo phone for her helper

SINGAPORE: A local TikTok user went viral this week after she posted that she had gotten her family’s longtime helper a new phone. However, her videos may have gone viral NOT for the reasons she intended.

On Feb 6 (Monday), TikToker Laurel (@lingzhi_xo) posted a video showing herself buying an Oppo phone for the helper who has been working for their family for the past 13 years.

“Her phone recently broke down so I decided to gift her a new phone,” she wrote in the video, and captioned it “2nd mum!! #thankful #helperinsingapore”


While the video has been viewed over 338,000 times, not every commenter had positive things to say.

Some questioned why Laurel’s helper was wearing a uniform, why she was being appreciated only after 13 years, why a budget phone was bought for her instead of a more expensive one, and so on.

Some even unkindly accused Laurel of buying the helper a gift “for content” or “for show” only.

Even though she didn’t have to, the TikTok user quickly followed her original video up with another one that answered the comment about why their helper wears a uniform.

She captioned it, “Replying to @KenleeW207 She likes to wear this top because it has many pockets! We got her many new clothes but she doesn’t like to wear them when she’s working.”

And in a third video from Friday (Feb 10), she addressed other negative commenters.

“My intention was to spread some positivity, and remind people around me that amid celebrating the festive season, we can also show some appreciation [towards others] and spread love.

I saw it as a heartening moment to share,” and added that “Super Mia,” the helper, has a reason why she’s worked for Laurel and her family for a very long time.

“I feel it’s not about how (big the gift is) but about how consistently you show appreciation to those who are always there for you.”


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