Red Bull: at Silverstone the new RB19, but no one can see it

Red Bull: at Silverstone the new RB19, but no one can see it

The new single-seater took to the track, but no one (or hardly anyone) got to see it.

Red Bull still shrouded in mystery. The long-awaited unveiling of the reigning Formula 1 champion single-seater actually concerned only the livery that will take to the track in 2023. In fact, the RB19 has not been unveiled in public, and the Anglo-Austrian team seems intent on still maintaining secrecy about its real features. So much so that it has tried it out on the track without showing it to anyone.

On Friday, in fact, Red Bull carried out the first “filming day” of the season with the new car, driving the 100 km allowed by the FIA at Silverstone. And both of the team’s drivers got behind the wheel during the day: both Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, and Sergio Perez.

The whole thing was documented by Red Bull itself via social media, where, however, it was decided to publish only very brief footage from which it is not possible to reconstruct the technical characteristics of the single-seater.

The secret may not remain so for long, since the pre-season tests on February 23, 24 and 25 in Bahrain will be open to cameras. In the meantime, however, the distinct impression is that Red Bull wants to prepare the new car as much as possible away from the prying eyes of the competition.

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