Streaming platforms to subscribe to in Singapore if you’re seeking Netflix alternatives

Streaming platforms to subscribe to in Singapore if you’re seeking Netflix alternatives

Netflix, one of the biggest streaming giants worldwide, has been facing criticism for its stringent paid password-sharing policies that it has planned to launch in all regions for quite some time now. For the uninitiated, the streaming company has come up with a policy to disallow free password sharing for multiple accounts. While people staying in the same household using multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi connection can use one account, the holder of that account needs to pay for an extra person on and over their subscription if they choose to share the password. This is the reason many of us in Singapore are exploring other TV streaming platforms as alternatives to Netflix.

Netflix test launched this policy in three regions: Costa Rica, Chile and Peru in March 2022. The year saw the streaming service lose over a million subscribers, as disgruntled users opted to switch to other cheaper yet effective streaming platforms that were good alternatives to Netflix. While Netflix fans were just about trying to stomach this change, an official notice was suddenly released announcing a crackdown on password sharing. The streaming platform later retracted and claimed that the information was accidentally posted globally — it was apparently meant only for the three regions where this policy has already been implemented. Despite the supposed damage control, this about-turn was not taken lightly by subscribers.

Everywhere in the world, including Singapore, people are contemplating switching to other streaming platforms as Netflix alternatives, so they can continue to watch quality video content without having to break the bank.

How to choose the best streaming service?

In Singapore, there are six major streaming services: Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Go, Viu, iQiyi and Amazon Prime. Each of them has its own USP with regard to the video content offered and, of course, price points. One of the best factors about most of these services is that they do not have a crackdown policy on password sharing or accessing multiple devices from the same account.

Disney+ and Amazon Prime have emerged to be worthy competitors and alternatives to Netflix as they boast thousands of titles and live events. Apple TV+ and HBO Go are known for their niche, exclusive content, while Viu and iQiyi offer mainly Asian titles like Korean and Chinese dramas. Let’s look at what these streaming platforms offer individually, which will help you make an appropriate choice if you’re seeking Netflix alternatives.

Here are the best streaming platforms in Singapore that are Netflix alternatives


Disney+ launched in Singapore on 23 February 2021 and has had a successful run since then. Up to four devices can access the same account, and users can watch titles simultaneously on all these devices. One can download content across 10 devices to be watched offline and use the GroupWatch feature that helps them enjoy titles with others at the same time.

Subscription details: Subscriptions to the video streaming platform are available at the rates of SGD 11.98 per month or SGD 119.98 annually.

USP: Disney+ is a one-stop shop to watch all the titles from the iconic production houses of The Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television, along with Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and Star. Some of the highly-rated shows include The Mandalorian (2019-), Wandavision (2021) and Loki (2021-). There is also a Disney+ premier service, available at SGD 38.98, that gives users early access to hotly-awaited movies before they release in cinemas or to regular Disney+ subscribers. Past examples include Mulan and Raya and the Last Dragon.

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Apple TV+

One of the biggest draws of this video streaming service is that one gets a free subscription for three months when they purchase Apple devices like ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌ and Mac. Launched on 2 November 2019, Apple TV+ is accessed through the Apple TV app, where users can watch Apple originals and content from other productions as well, albeit at an added cost.

Subscription details: A non-Apple device owner will be charged SGD 9.98 per month but can enjoy the service free for a bit if choosing to sign up for Apple One. They get access to additional services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade and iCloud+ as well. Six devices get access to Apple original titles and three devices can watch third-party content, simultaneously.

USP: There are about 119 titles available on this streaming platform, but one gets to watch live streams of Friday Night Baseball because of Apple’s partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB).

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HBO Go was launched in Singapore as early as 2015 and since then, it has launched HBO and HBO Asia titles to target the Southeast Asian regions. It also has channels like HBO HD, HBO Hits, HBO Signature, HBO Family, CINEMAX and RED BY HBO.

Subscription details: Subscription prices range from SGD 13.98 per month to SGD 29.98 for three months. Five devices can access HBO Go from the same account and two titles can be streamed simultaneously.

USP: Some of the biggest shows like the Gossip Girl reboot (2021-2023), The Last Of Us (2023-), House of the Dragon (2023-), Game Of Thrones (2011-2019) and Asian dramas can be viewed here. There is a special collection of titles for kids too.

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Viu is the go-to for Korean dramas and movies. Launched on 11 January 2016 in Singapore, Viu offers the latest and the best Korean titles as it enjoys partnerships with all the big Korean broadcasters like JTBC, MBC, SBS, KBS and CJ E&M.

Subscription details: Viu offers a free subscription to users subject to conditions like SD streaming and availability of new content only after 72 hours of release to the paid subscribers. It also is heavy on ads.

One can avoid this and pay SGD 8.98 per month to enjoy high resolution video, access to all the new releases and ad-free content. The service is available at a discounted fee of SGD 5.90 for Singtel customers.

USP: Viu is one of the best streaming platforms in Singapore to watch not just Korean but nearly all Asian titles. One can get quality titles in Chinese, Japanese and Thai languages here. Watch popular shows like Hotel Del Luna (2019), Doctor John (2019) and Shady Mom-in-law (2019) here.

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This Chinese streaming platform was launched in Singapore in 2010. It focuses on Asian content, with a vast library of Chinese and Korean titles. A small selection of Hollywood movies is also available. All content on this platform is downloadable, but only one device can be used to stream content at a time.

Subscription details: One can opt for standard or premium services. Standard service has a lower video quality and ads. It is priced at SGD 6.98 monthly or SGD 69.98 per year. Its premium account, which is ad-free, is at SGD 10.98 per month or SGD 109.98 per year.

USP: K-drama may have taken the world by storm, but there remains a loyal fanbase of Chinese entertainment. iQiyi targets this demographic with a wide variety of Chinese dramas and movies. It also offers a diversity of other Asian entertainment options such as Malay drama series and Japanese anime. Last year, it teamed up with Malaysian channel Suke TV to showcase programmes produced by the latter, via a dedicated tab on the iQiyi website. These are currently available to viewers in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Amazon Prime Video

Launched in 2017 in Singapore, Amazon Prime Video has some of the most extensive and versatile content. One can stream content from three devices at a time and download unlimited titles for offline viewing.

Subscription details: Amazon Prime’s price point is one of its most attractive features. One can subscribe for SGD 2.99 per month and enjoy special access to fast delivery service and streaming platforms like Prime Video Twitch Prime.

USP: Prime Video boasts over 26,300 movies and 2,700 TV shows. The service also has a great feature called X-Ray, which lets the users know about interesting trivia, anecdotes or cast details while watching a title — a great value add for movie buffs.

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