SG investors are net buyers of equities as exposure rises in January

SG investors are net buyers of equities as exposure rises in January

The investor movement index for global clients rose 3.36% MoM.

Singaporean investors’ behaviour continues to be optimistic in January 2023 as the investor movement index grew to 4.13 compared to December, online global broker, TD Ameritrade Singapore, said.

In a statement, TD Ameritrade said the global score was at 4.31 in January, increasing 3.36% from December.

Investor appetite and buying equities are increasing amongst Singaporean investors due to moderating inflation, said Greg Baker, TD Ameritrade Singapore CEO. 

“Whilst there’s still some way to go before the IMX score in Singapore and for the general TD Ameritrade client population reaches the high levels of 2020 or 2021, we’re seeing optimism beginning to creep back up amongst retail investors as this year begins,” said Baker.

The difference between Singapore clients and overall client population is that Lion City investors bought equities. 

Both Singapore clients and the overall TD Ameritrade client population were net buyers of Tesla as the electric vehicle (EV) maker reported earnings and ended its recent run of weakness with a surge of over 44% during the period. 

Both populations are also net buyers of EV manufacturer, Rivian Automotive, and both populations were net buyers of the company, seeing opportunity in its early January weakness. 

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