Man finds roach in cream crackers, vows to never eat them again

Man finds roach in cream crackers, vows to never eat them again

SINGAPORE — After a man claimed to find parts of an insect on his cream crackers, he posted photos over social media and wrote that he will never eat them again. “Beware of this famous biscuit!!!” wrote Mr Muhammad Haiqal on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Thursday (Feb 9).

He added, “Halfway eating dipping my biscuits into the tea and about to dip my next one when i saw something abnormal sticking on it. First i thought it was ink or something, check closer and saw what looks like Mr Roach already dried up and flat as paper.”

Mr Muhammad posted photos of pieces of Hup Seng cream crackers, one of which appeared to have parts of an insect on it, especially when seen close up. “What i normally eat as breakfast everyday becomes something i will never eat forever. Bloody disgusting!!!” he added.

His post has gone on to be shared many times, with a number of commenters alarmed at his unhygienic discovery.

“OMG !!! occasionally my mum eats this too. yuckssssss !!!” wrote one.

“On no. I just ordered one can of this,” wrote one.

“If 1 roach found inside a food packaging, means that the whole factory are infested with cockroach activities. Yukkkxxxx!!!” noted another.

A netizen chimed in “Which also means every of the packaging are also contaminated!! Whatever germs or insects if any of your food , please do ever eat again!!”

Others encouraged Mr Muhammad to contact the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) or the NEA (National Environment Agency).

When asked by one commenter, the post author wrote he had gotten the crackers from Rivervale Plaza minimart.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Hup Seng, the manufacturer of the crackers, which have been popular for many years now. We have also contacted Mr Muhammad for comment.

In October 2021, the Hong Kong Consumer Council said that it had tested samples of pre-packed crackers and biscuits, and found that 60 contained cancer-inducing elements such as glycidol or acrylamide.

Some of the samples were Hup Seng products, including the cream crackers in Mr Muhammad’s photos.

By the end of October, however, SFA said in a Facebook post that Hup Seng biscuits are safe to eat, albeit in moderation. /TISG

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