Lectric Launches The XP Trike Electric Cargo Trike For $1,499

Lectric Launches The XP Trike Electric Cargo Trike For $1,499

The XP Trike offers a new level of practicality, and is built on a tried and tested platform.

Lectric always manages to impress with its extremely practical and functional two-wheelers and its incredibly attractive pricing. In January, 2023, the brand made it clear that it had intentions of expanding its user base by opening doors to riders with all sorts of needs. With this,the Lectric XP Trike was born, a rugged, go-anywhere electric three-wheeler. 

Back then, Lectric CEO Levi Conlow teased a prototype of the Trike on Facebook, with one of the most striking details being a targetted price of just $1,499 USD. Indeed, Lectric has made good on its promise, and has officially opened pre-orders for the XP Trike at, you guessed, a price tag of exactly $1,499 USD. In terms of the technology found in the XP Trike is the same as that of Lectric’s XP two-wheeler range, except that it gains a third wheel. Of course, to account for this, the rear end of the frame has a differential rear axle.

The way Lectric has built the bike is pretty intriguing, and proves that just because you aren’t using cuttig-edge tech, doesn’t mean you can’t solve modern-day problems. You see, mid-drive motors are all the rage these days, but they can be rather expensive to produce. To address this, Lectric has made use of a rear hub motor mounted onto the rear of the Trike.  The motor has a 500W nominal rating, but peaks out at 1,092W, ensuring that the Trike can climb the steepest hills on all sorts of terrain.  

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As for battery tech, the XP Trike gets a rather large battery capable of returning some impressive range. It’s a 48V, 14-Ah unit, and claimed range figures range from 40 to 60 miles per charge, depending on whether or not you use the throttle, as well as the assist level you choose. 

As for practicality, it’s clear to see that the XP Trike puts utility first. It has an impressive payload capacity of 188 kilograms, and even has a front basket and rear luggage rack installed as standard. This means you can strap all sorts of add-ons to the rear of the bike, such as baskets, child seats, and luggage, while still having enough space to carry your groceries up front. As mentioned earlier, the XP Trike retails for just $1,499, with all accessories included. According to Lectric’s website, shipping will start in May, so better get to ordering. 

Lectric Launches The XP Trike Electric Cargo Trike For $1,499

Source: Electrek, Lectric