Kristen Bell talks to her kids about sex and drugs

Kristen Bell talks to her kids about sex and drugs

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard talk to their daughters about sex and drugs.

The couple don’t believe in “taboo” subjects and though the ‘Frozen’ star acknowledged some parents may find her and her spouse’s openness with Lincoln, nine, and eight-year-old Delta “shocking”, they feel being open makes it easier to discuss difficult topics, including the ‘CHiPs’ actor’s addiction struggles.

She told REAL SIMPLE: “I hate the word ‘taboo.’ I think it should be stricken from the dictionary. There should be no topic that’s off the table for people to talk about.

“I know it’s shocking, but I talk to my kids about drugs, and the fact that their daddy is an addict and he’s in recovery, and we talk about sex.

“There are all these ‘hard topics’ that don’t have to be if you give the person on the other end your vulnerability and a little bit of credit.”

The ‘Good Place’ actress has also raised her children to apologise and try and make amends when they upset someone else.

She said: “Making amends and apologizing is an important thing in our family, because humans leave carnage wherever they go.

“I really respect when someone does something wrong or hurtful and they apologize. I’m like, ‘Yeah, right on.’ That’s important.

“If there’s one thing I want to teach my kids, it’s how to make amends — and that it’s for themselves, so they can like who’s in the mirror a little bit more.”

Kristen recently admitted she is enjoying the “comedic surprises” she receives from her children.

She said: “It’s like living in a Jim Carrey movie. Yesterday, I had to say out loud, ‘Could you please stop using my toothbrush to wash your legs?’ I said that. I never thought I would utter that sentence, but here we are.

“The fact that I know that there are other people out there who know why I had to say that and why I was a completely legitimate sentence. I don’t know, it makes me feel a little bit more at peace.”

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