Jaden Smith’s new clothes range inspired by ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’

Jaden Smith’s new clothes range inspired by ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’

Jaden Smith’s new clothes range was inspired by a “super embarrassing” episode of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’.

The actor and designer, 24, has been obsessed with fashion since he launched his brand aged 14, a year before he moved out of his dad Will and mum Jada’s home, and says he thought back to an episode of the sitcom that shot his father to fame when creating his new MSFTSrep collection.

Jaden told the new issue of Footwear News about including a sunflower-shaped hat with the range: “I wanted to make people into plants, to turn people into flowers. Being part of nature is the highest level of consciousness.

“I thought back to an episode of the ‘Fresh Prince’, where something happens that my dad has to dress up like a sunflower.

“The episode was super embarrassing for him. But I was like this is an amazing idea of how to turn someone into a flower.”

He added about his other innovations: “I’ve been making these new headpieces as a kind of psychedelic statement piece that you would wear to show people how you feel about the world and how different and strange you might be.”

Jaden also said his brand is “catered to people who feel different and weird, like they don’t fit in”.

He added: “There’s a pain sometimes, when you feel like you are something else, that you can’t express yourself, and there’s a pain when you can’t express yourself.

“So this is for those people who just want to express themselves. It makes people smile.”

Jaden also said about deciding to go into fashion after making his acting debut aged eight alongside Will, 54, in 2006 film ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’: “I took the time to see multiple perspectives of the world and decided what was best for me and how I wanted to make an impact.”

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