Headed to Memphis? Here’s what you shouldn’t miss!

Headed to Memphis? Here's what you shouldn't miss!

As musical as it is magnificent, this city is the cradle of the musical movements called Blues and the more energetic Rock and Roll. Therefore, among the many music-related attractions you should not miss when you drop by including Beale Street and Graceland Mansion. The National Civil Rights Museum, on the other hand, highlights Memphis’ key role in the fight for racial equality. The food in the city is also to die for, as you take a pick among restaurants serving Cajun, Asian, and traditional American cuisine.

In Memphis you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Graceland, The Memphis Zoo, and Pink Palace Museum And Planetarium and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Graceland

Graceland, located in Memphis, sits on a a 5.6 hectre estate and boasts a 13.8 acre floor space. It was once owned by the famous Elvis Presley. The mansion features what Elvis’ life was like and various furnitures are also preserved and kept the way it was in the past.

2. The Memphis Zoo

Located in Midtown, the Memphis zoo is home to more than 3,500 animals. Some of its popular unique exhibits include the Animals of the Night display, which is devoted to nocturnal animals, the Dragon’s Lair, which houses the zoo’s three Komodo dragons and the Once Upon A Farm display that was built to resemble an early 1900s farm.

3. Pink Palace Museum And Planetarium

Home to exhibitions from a range of topics that span across archaeology to chemistry, it attracts over 240,000 visitors each year. It gets its unique name from the fact the Museum headquarters is covered in pink Georgian marble. Along with engaging exhibits, it also has a movie theatre.

4. Go On A Ghost Walking Tour

These walking tours take you through a history of voodoo, phantoms and the popular local haunts (quite literally). Led by professional storytellers, these tours delve into the unique history of the city’s heritage as well as the many notorious haunted spots in the South Main Historic District, among others.

5. Memphis Botanic Garden

Spread in 96 acres, Memphis Botanic Garden has 23 specialty gardens with different types of plants, trees and flowers. The lush green garden besides offering trails and spaces for strolls and picnics also hosts several workshops, exhibitions, concerts, etc. Colleges and schools find the garden apt for student’s educational activities.

6. Chucalissa Indian Village

Located deep inside the woods, the Chucalissa was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1994. A land that once served as a safe haven for many Native American peoples, Chucalissa is probably one of the most well-maintained sites that preserve the important history of the prehistoric settlements in this region.

7. Tom Lee Park

Located on the Mississippi River bank, Tom Lee Park is a 30 acres green zone in Memphis, Tennessee. The trail along the river is a beautiful strolling stretch. Just go for a picnic with the family or be regular on morning jogs. People love to sit and watch sunset or sunrise on the Mississippi waters. Cycling and biking are also very good options.

8. Memphis Brooks Museum Of Art

Tennessee’s oldest and the largest museum is the Memphis Brooks Museum of art. Founded in 1916, the museum has a collection of over 7000 exhibits of photographs, sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc. Work of art includes the paintings and sculptures of the renaissance era from Italy and other European countries and modern art from the USA.

9. Stax Museum Of American Soul Music

The Soulsville Foundation manages the museum, as well as the nearby Stax Music Academy and The Soulsville Charter School, which are both located on the same grounds. When Stax Records was forced into involuntary bankruptcy and closed in 1976, the Union Planters Bank sold the Stax studio to Southside Church of God in Christ, which is located nearby on McLemore Avenue.

10. The Memphis Pyramid

Used for sports and entertainment, Memphis Pyramid was known as the Pyramid arena situated on the Mississippi River banks. After its reopening in 2015 as a huge mall with a Megastore, a hotel, restaurants, bowling alleys, archery range, etc making it a mix of retail and entertainment place.

11. Memphis Rock N’ Soul Museum

Music enthusiasts would surely love visiting Memphis Rock N’ Soul Museum in Tennessee. It is the museum dedicated to shed light on the rich music history of Memphis, known as the city of rock and roll, and the pioneers of music in the city. Visitors would also gain valuable information as to how music started and evolved in the city as well as the struggles of musicians and how they overcame it.

12. National Civil Rights Museum

The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee is consist of historic buildings and is actually a complex of museums. It showcases the United State’s history of the civil rights movement from the 17th century up to the present. It is a must visit place whenever you find your way in Memphis.

13. Stroll Down The Mississippi River

The serene, scenic stroll along the Mississippi River is an essential part of the Memphis experience. These paths give a view of the river and the winding lanes around some of the most beautiful spots in the city. The best stretches for river viewing lie between Beale Street and South Bluffs neighborhood.

14. Stroll Beale Street

The neon lights of this street beckon music lovers from all corners of the world. Fans of blues music may call this particular spot their mecca. After all, W. C. Handy was performing here when he penned “Memphis Blues,” the first published blues song. Until now, the sound of blues and other musical tunes still flow from the many clubs and restaurants in this part of town. Other places along this strip where you can enjoy music and entertainment include The Orpheum Theatre, where you can get your Broadway fix. New Daisy Theatre, on the other hand, is an incubator of sorts for bands on the rise.

15. The Levitt Shell

The City of Memphis and the Works Progress Administration built this open-air theater in 1936 to give jobs to laid-off Americans during the Great Depression. These days, it is not employment but entertainment that this venue provides. Among the many things you can enjoy here mostly include free musical performances with some film viewing under the stars. There are also the occasional dance and drama performances. The theater’s state-of-the-art light and sound systems ensure that its 3,000-strong crowd experiences a wonderful cultural experience.

16. Sun Studio

This is the iconic place where a then unknown Elvis once poured his heart out. This famous recording studio has attracted legends such as Johnny Cash, B.B. King, U2 and Def Leppard, to name only a very few. A place that must be seen by music lovers and history buffs alike, do make sure to visit if you happen to be in Memphis.

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