Singaporean worker killed after glass doors toppled onto him in warehouse

Singaporean worker killed after glass doors toppled onto him in warehouse

SINGAPORE – A 53-year-old Singaporean worker died while unloading a shipment of glass doors from a shipping container in a warehouse in the Alexandra district.

According to a media statement released by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on Wednesday (8 February), the man died from injuries suffered after nine glass doors toppled onto three workers.

The man was one of the trio, and was taken to the National University Hospital alongside another worker, who was also injured but is now in a stable condition. The third worker was not injured.

MOM said the accident took place at about 2.15pm last Thursday (2 February) at 61 Alexandra Terrace Harbour Link Complex.

This incident raises the number of workplace fatalities in Singapore to four this year.

Company instructed to stop activities and appoint new auditor

MOM has instructed the company, AGL Facade Systems, to stop all work activities and appoint a workplace safety and health auditor to review its work practices.

The company’s director is required to personally account to MOM for safety lapses and take direct responsibility for rectifications.

The company has also been barred from hiring new migrant workers for three months.

MOM is still investigating the incident.

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