Losing weight has changed my life, says Marie Osmond

Losing weight has changed my life, says Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond’s weight loss has changed her life.

The 63-year-old singer lost 50 pounds after she embarked on a weight-loss journey, and Marie admits that it’s totally transformed her life.

She shared: “Losing the weight was the biggest thing for me. When I hit my 50s I changed. I’m 63 now and I feel I am more on my game than I was in my 50s.”

Marie’s weight-loss efforts have helped the singer to realise her ambitions.

The health-conscious star told DailyMail.com: “Did you know that 10 pounds is a dress size? So if I’ve gone up five pounds I’ve gone up half a dress size.

“I have been really busy these days and I couldn’t have done that with all that weight on me that I had before.”

Marie has also felt more “vibrant” since she lost weight.

She said: “A healthy body gives you a more vibrant life. Physical weight is tough on the brain and it’s tough on you spiritually and it also prevents you from moving around.”

Meanwhile, Marie recently admitted that she could “never” go back to being overweight.

The singer feels that her weight loss has enabled her to enjoy a “fuller life”.

She said: “At this stage of my life, I can tell you that weight ages you.

“It also takes away the joy out of being active with your children and grandchildren. It takes away your health, even mentally.

“It’s not healthy for you. And when you hear the world saying, ‘Love me however I am,’ I think you love yourself to be the best version of you … so that you can live your fullest, most beautiful life. That’s why I have continued this.’ I would never go back to who I was.”

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