NUS student thinks she’ll earn $10,000/month after graduation

NUS student thinks she’ll earn $10,000/month after graduation

SINGAPORE — Based on conversations with Mr Torres Pit, a Hong Kong resident who creates content on YouTube, students from the National University of Singapore expect to earn several thousand dollars after graduation.

In a Jan 26 video titled “(BEST University in Asia) Their Expected Salaries… | (亞洲最強大學!) 在新加坡國立大學畢業可以賺多少人工?? 原來不難考入!” Mr Torres speaks to a Business Administration student who says she thinks she will earn $10,000 monthly after graduating from NUS. A Philosophy major, she also says she has friends who expect to earn $9,000 a month, as well as a couple of Computer Science students who say they may earn between $5,000 and $6,000 after graduating.

At the beginning of the video, Mr Torres put up a screenshot of rankings of universities in Asia, with NUS taking the pole position.

He called NUS “probably the best university of Asia,” while his own alma mater, Hong Kong University, ranked number four.

There were many things about NUS that impressed the YouTuber, including the size of the campus, charging ports on the buses, the hawker-style cafeteria, and the emphasis on healthy eating, among others.

As with his other videos, Mr Torres was accompanied by his longtime girlfriend, Ms Georgina Gordon, who is from South Africa.

The video has since gotten 592,000 views and almost 800 comments, many of which were centred around the salary expectation of how much they would be paid after graduation.

“I saw myself 4 years ago in this video, ‘expecting’ that I would get paid high enough after graduating. Reality is 10K is impossible la. Who would hire a fresh grad for 10K with no prior exp(erience),” one netizen wrote.

But some wrote, however, that those who find themselves in jobs in investment banking can make this amount of money.

“Even for my course, with second upper and working for 9 years is only 6 to 7k salary,” one wrote.

Another chimed in, “the philosophy student expects 9k per month starting pay, didnt know those philosophers are good at telling jokes.”

On the other side of the scale is Master of Arts degree holders, who earn $37,000 annually. /TISG

‘Young generation think they’re entitled to these salaries with no work experience’ — Singaporeans

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