Why the iPad Pro is the gateway to maximum productivity

Why the iPad Pro is the gateway to maximum productivity

Confession: I suffer from the plague of many creatives. I have plenty of great ideas but struggle to remember them or flesh them out.

While a notebook helps, it barely skims the surface of the worlds I build inside my mind. A notebook also doesn’t keep me to task, or force me into productivity levels that ensure success.

But before we go into what an Apple iPad Pro can do your mind, here’s a quick introduction to this life-changing device. The new generation comes powered with an M2 chip. This simply means faster overall and graphics performance. To quote Apple, “you can create photorealistic 3D designs, build intricate AR models and play games with console‑quality graphics at high frame rates faster than ever. All while enjoying all‑day battery life.”  For video editors, you can also expect an efficient movie studio at hand with the Pro-Res Video Capture, studio quality microphones and true-t0-life Liquid Retina Display.

Now, if you’re like me (AKA an everyday user), and want to maximise your usage of the iPad Pro past streaming shows, here are the device’s best apps and functions that will boost your productivity levels.


Often called the infinite whiteboard, the Freeform app is a rich virtual world for all your planning and brainstorming. You can write, type or draw as much as you want on its freeform mapping space – scribble, paste sticky notes or apply stickers or as you wish. You can even embed video links, pictures and documents. All of this is done intuitively with a few taps of your Apple pencil.

What takes this up a notch for teams is its collaborative functions. Multiple people can work in real time on the whiteboard. Users can contribute via not only their iPads but their iPhones and Macs. Teams can also work on a board simultaneously over a Facetime call that appears as a picture-in-picture window.

I’m using the Freeform app as my brain dump for story ideas and planning, moodboards and to keep track of meetings. Outside of work, I use it as a wedding planning tool that anchors aesthetics, organisational flow charts and logistical notes together.

Prior to Freeform, I used the Goodnotes app which is free to download and for use of up to three notebooks. However, Goodnotes has limitations in terms of its layout and canvas space. It also lacks the intuitive functions and collaborative features of Freeform.

Personally, the best perk of using Freeform on the iPad Pro is the enjoyable user experience. All of its features make planning anything a clear and efficient experience as all your thoughts and ideas are mapped out on a single virtual space.

Stage Manager

Stage Manager (available on iPad OS 16) helps you to create your ideal workspace by efficiently organising your open apps and windows. Multi-task like a machine with the split view function on the iPad. To do so, simply tap the Multitasking button indicated by the three dots at the top of the screen and choose from the Split View button or the Slide Over button.

If you choose the former, the second app appears side-by-side with the current app. If you choose Slide Over, the second app opens full-screen and the current app moves to a smaller window that you can move to the right or left side of your screen. Both functions are adjustable.

For someone who works in editorial and needs to write, proof read or research at the time, this function accelerates my work tasks.

Use your iPad Pro as a Sidecar If you’re working on multiple projects at the same time and need an added convenience, the iPad Pro can also double up as a second screen. With Sidecar, you can use your iPad in landscape orientation as a second display for your Macbook. Make sure that both of your devices are signed into the same Apple ID.

To use it as an extended desktop, simply move your pointer over the full-screen button of a window on your Mac, then click on the option to move that window to your iPad. Alternatively, simply use Screen Mirroring to mirror your Mac’s screen.

Focus Mode

If, like me, you have a proclivity for checking your phone every five minutes, or losing a train of thought when a text comes in, Apple’s Focus mode can minimise distractions. There are in-built Focus functions to choose from and Time Sensitive notifications for those texts or emails you simply must reply.

You can also set up a custom Focus mode and create a schedule for automatic activation based on certain times of the day, or turn on settings like Dark Mode or Low Power Mode.

Head here for more information about the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is available in an 11-inch display with Liquid Retina Display, or 12.9-inch display with Liquid Retina XDR Display. Click here to find the right iPad Pro for you.


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