10 Most photo-worthy spots in Corfu!

10 Most photo-worthy spots in Corfu!

Corfu Town, heavily influenced by the Venetians, the French, and the English, is an excellent starting point for exploring the island. Get lost in the small cobblestone lanes known as “kandounia,” visit museums like the Museum of Asian Art, wander down the famed Liston promenade or saunter around the massive Spianada square. The entire village of Corfu has a vintage charm!

In Corfu you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like The Old Fortress Of Corfu, Kalami Beach, and Corfu Old Town and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. The Old Fortress Of Corfu

Built by the Byzantines in the 1260s and reinforced by Venetians around 150 years later, this seaside fort has withstood the test of time and many invasions. This masterpiece of military architecture has massive bastions and a marble Venetian symbol atop the entry arch. But the impressive architecture and the marvelous coastal views are not the only things visitors can enjoy here. Inside the structure is the Public Library of Corfu, which contains 600 years’ worth of the island’s history. Among the oldest books here date back to around 500 years ago!

2. Kalami Beach

Kalami Beach, located in Corfu, Greece, is known for its beautiful scenery as it features sandy fine white sand and crystal blue waters. It is also an iconic tourist spot as it remains an excellent place for family bonding and gatherings. Indeed, friends and families will not get uncomfortable when you visit.

3. Corfu Old Town

Located in the Ionian islands right next to Greece’s mainland, Corfu Old Town is a piece of Greek history that is different yet subtly fitting the ancient superpower. With heavily-influenced Venetian architecture, the buildings in the Old Town perfectly complement its crystal clear beach waters, beautifully-jagged cliffs, and mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see. You cannot miss the statue of Saint Georgios Theotokis or the Liston when you are in town, as these are two of the man-made structure highlights of the town. There is so much to do on the greenest island of Greece!

4. Palace Of St. Michael And St. George

It was erected at the beginning of the 18th century to serve as a residence for the Lord High Commissioner Sir Thomas Maitland, who was the governor of the Inian Islands at the time. It was also the home of the Order of St. Michael and St. Georgе, thus its name. It was afterward used as a royal residence by the Greek king until 1967. Today, the palace is open to visitors and houses the Museum of Asian Art (the only one of its type in Greece) as well as an art museum with exhibits from all over the world.

5. New Fortress

A big part of your history tour of the city of Corfu is the New Fortress. Built in 1572, the military stronghold was used as a chokepoint for the Graeco-Italian forces against the Ottoman Empire during their expansion. Today, most of the structures present in the fortress were introduced and built by the British during their occupation of the city. The fortress is divided into two bastions, to which a labyrinth of stairs, pathways, ventilation shafts and ramps were designed to provide an avenue for slowing down the occupying forces. Discover the military genius of this architectural feat on your visit to Corfu!

6. Museum Of Asian Art Of Corfu

What makes the island of Corfu quaint is its vibrant and cosmopolitan vibe. A stroll through this place might remind you of the food and beautiful buildings of Venice, for Venetians once protected the island from Ottoman invaders. But this eclectic and multicultural island adds another exotic flavor to its already rich mix, in the form of the Museum of Asian Art. The collections here come from countries like India, China, and Japan. That is why instead of finding the quintessentially Greek Spartan helmet or idealized nude sculptures, you will discover rare items like a samurai battle outfit here. Other collections of the museum include religious figurines and Chinese ceramics. All these beautiful pieces of art seem to be very much at home being housed by a magnificently-designed palace-like structure, which was built by the British in the early 1800s.

7. Halikounas Beach

Halikounas Beach, located in Corfu, Greece, is a beautiful beach that guests must not miss seeing as they can unwind and relax at the beach. The beach is also a great place to do various outdoor activities, such as doing outdoor water activities like scuba diving.

8. Spianada Square

Deep within the city of Corfu is a public square widely considered to be the heart of the city, the Spianada Square. The name comes from the Italian word “spianare” meaning “to flatten” to which residences are demolished (or “flattened”) to build the patch of land as a line of defense from invaders during the olden times. Spianada is home to many monuments and structures of Italian, British, and Greek influences, guaranteed to impress anyone looking for a visual representation of the Venetian occupation of the city in the early 1800s. It’s like looking back in time and watching history unfold before your very eyes!

9. Paleokastritsa Monastery

Paleokastritsa Monastery, located in Corfu, Greece, is a beautiful church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It offers an educational experience for visitors as it houses a small museum with essential artifacts. Guests can learn more about the church through its extensive collection of Byzantine icons, holy books, and other relics.

10. Gardiki Castle, Corfu

As the only surviving medieval fortress in the southern part of Corfu, Gardiki Castle remains as one of the remaining historical landmarks of Corfu from before the Venetian era. The sturdy bastion was built with walls that are impregnable and considered advanced for its time, as medieval firearms are implemented during the Venetian siege. Walkthrough its dingy halls and spiraling pathways that were cleverly designed should the enemies breach the garrison, providing ample time for evacuation and/or counterattacks. Bear witness to a structure that is forever etched in Greek History.

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